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OCD bad and anger issues are taking over my life at the minute and making my partner and I argue a lot. I have recently come off antidepressants (8 weeks ago approx) and upped my thyroxine by 25mcg to 150mcg a day. I have always been obsessed with cleaning but it's a lot worse at the mo and I am getting so angry at the slightest thing that I'd have tolerated before, I feel I have widened round the waist and if anything put on weight and feel exhausted all the time, has anyone got any advice on how I can solve my anger issues and save my relationship. Could I be taking too much thyroxine or do I had to except I need antidepressants to chill out! I am close to tears with frustration.

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  • No-one can tell you if you're taking too much levo without seeing your labs. Your first step should be to get your FT4 and FT3 tested, to see if you're converting the levo you're taking. Anger can be a symptoms of low thyroid, as well as high. :)

  • Thank you greygoose, I will arrange to have a blood test and post results, I have been taking the higher dose for about 3 weeks now is that long enough to show a true result? ๐Ÿ˜€

  • No, you should leave it another three weeks. It takes six weeks to fully feel the impact of an increase.

  • Hi Lordy40, first time I see the story so similar to my own. I started big research with help of this forum and my private doctor. I also take tyroxin 175 now, histerical about cleanliness, insomnia, fatigue...pain... Looks like we are in deficiency of many vitamins and amino acids. Unbalanced diet due the stress issue. High level of stress hormones which ruins mental health, metabolism and immunity. I just today made my blood test, will get it in 1 week to see the improvement from b12,d3,iron,bcomplex, vitC , and gluten free diet. I dont have group support unfortunately, it can really help to reduce that tension. Please try to find one. I will be off line for some time due my traveling, please keep in touch, share and support each other. Olga

  • Thanks Olgadimitri, I hope your blood test results show some improvement for you. Group support is invaluable and it is good to chat to people who understand What your going through. Lisa

  • Hi Lordy40, I know exactly where you are coming from! Funnily enough I was just thinking about this time last year when I used to get so cross with my kids over the stupidest things as I was in a perpetual state of stress. I'm OCD when it comes to cleaning, in fact it seems most Type A personalities get this illness (sorry not sure if your Hashimotos) as we stress over wanting everything perfect! I'm also an Interior Designer by profession so that doesn't help ๐Ÿ™„

    The only thing I can suggest is that you might have Adrenal Fatigue, I know now that this is what I had! I used to get stressed putting the kids shoes on!!! The main thing that has helped me is getting my blood sugars in check so I eat a lot of good fats and high protein now - no sugar though (i just mean processed - i have honey and maple syrup). I am also gluten and dairy free but that is due to my Hashimotos. You could try getting a Cortisol test done to find out for sure?

  • I'm not sure what Caused my hypothyroidism, I was diagnosed at 18. I'm glad it's not just me that gets so stressed over like you say the silliest things but it's like I have. I control lol. Like your say being an interior Designer by profession doesn't help.

    Some of my obsession with tidying and having everything facing the right way in the food cupboard etc I think is due to when I worked in a shop as a Teenager and everything had to face front. ๐Ÿ˜ณ

    I will look into the adrenal fatigue, I think I've been tested before for that but I can't remember now. I'll try and get a cortisol test done too. I think I over exert myself and then getting exhausted but frantic, a hour and half in the gym every day before work gen on my feet all day and I think it's catching up with me. ๐Ÿ˜

  • Oh bless you Lordy40, I wish you health and happiness, you'll get there! Feel free to message me any time if you like.

    Just one thing, if it turns out you do have Adrenal Fatigue intense excersive will do you more harm than good, gentle excersive like yoga, walking, swimming are better ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  • Thank you k1k1_belle, that means a lot.

    I have started to wonder if the exercise I do is doing me more harm than good, but I do love it even though I'm Tired as well. Maybe 45 mins a day on cross trainer and 84 lengths of the pool is too much, i have started walk/running too only 30 mins 3 times a week on top of the other exercise and I think it's that they tipped me over the edge lol.

  • I'm all about the exercise, I cycle 5/6 times a day (short journeys) but that's about it, my friends keep trying to get me to join their gym but they do intense cardio classes and I know that I just can go there right now until I get back to full health.

    Definitely sounds like you've pushed yourself maybe just a bit too far ๐Ÿ˜

  • I agree, I've stopped the running and I am already feeling a bit better and my feet are not hurting so it could have been that ๐Ÿ˜ And I need to remember I'm 10 years older than when I first starting going to the gym and heavier so finding it harder.

  • I posted a few days ago about an article in Whst Doctors Don't Tell You that suggests if you are depressed to have your thyroid tested as you may have a thyroid problem you don't know about or if you are being treated test your dose. It also when on to say though there are other reasons but the thyroid check is a good start so yes it a test done. And see where you are. As you have already upped your dose then yes you need to wait until the 6 weeks before testing but let your husband know what you are doing and why and that you hope your present mood will soon change for the better as you aren't happy with it either. Hopefully he will be more sympathetic and may be you can ask him to monitor whether he thinks you are improving or not. He may well welcome being involved and hence be aware you are trying to address the issue.

  • Thanks Silverfox7, I agree I think a thyroid test after 6 weeks is the Best place to start. The antidepressants really dos help me last year when ,y marriage broke down and my job role changed, I was finding it hard to cope and Did numb my emotions and now I think I'm just having to relearn what real emotions are, such as anger etc and the tablets did dumb down any emotion.

  • Hi Lordy40,

    I became extremely angry and aggressive on T4-Thyroxine alone 10 years ago, and I'm normally a calm and positive person. The difference in my mood and irritability was shocking. Fortunately my doctor knew that that can indicate a conversion issue, and I felt much better when he swapped me to Armour and T3.

    I now take ERFA and T3-Liothyronine and feel much better.

    Interestingly, a few years ago I did start to feel rather more irritable again, and so, at my suggestion, my GP monitored me while I reduced my ERFA by a teeny bit (I use a pill cutter) and increased my T3 by a similar teeny bit = much more calm and balanced.

    To be honest, if I feel overly angry, I automatically reduce my ERFA (which contains some T4) by just a little for a few days, and monitor my symptoms to see if it calms me, which it usually does.

    Presumably your T4 increase has been instigated by your doctor? I would go and see him/her and discuss whether you can try a smaller increase, take it every other day perhaps? Or whether you need an increase at all?

    You've done well to come off the anti-depressants - no-one should need anti-depressants to chill out, & especially not to counteract the effects of another medication. I found that walking in the fresh air helped me. I'm not going to suggest meditation, because although that's helped me generally, my T4 irritability demon does not take to sitting silently!!

    I do remember that I found the outbursts of anger very scary - it was like they came from somewhere else & not from me myself. Be kind to yourself and patient. It helped me to monitor my symptoms carefully: date and time of what dosage; no. of irritable outbursts etc.. And most importantly, what you've tried and what helps - maybe meditation would help you? Or running? Or dancing? Or art-using black and red helps to let a lot of stuff out!! Or whatever makes you feel good..... Also, it's very useful to have a written record to show your doctor, it demonstrates that you're involved and taking responsibility. It also shows the extent of the symptoms: e.g. shouting at someone x times a day is a better indication than just saying I feel a bit more angry than usual!

    Remember, it is NOT you, it's the adjustments in your meds - tell your partner that other people have experienced the same and ask for some patience and extra hugs while everything is adjusted and that you'll be back soon.

    P.S. Other things that I've found help are: Lavender (some people like the scent of the essential oil) I take a herbal remedy; Bach Flower Remedies; long relaxing baths, and most importantly-Magnesium-this is physically relaxing and many people are an Epsom Salts bath with relaxing essential oils is a really splendid and calming thing!

  • Thanks Ozonegirl , great advice, my doctors only offer thyroxine but to be fair I haven't really had any problems with taking it in the past, I think it may be the increase or where I've come off the antidepressants and I've got to get used to real emotions again as they did really numb any emotion in me, I had a rough year last year with marriage breakdown and change of job role that was not my choice. I agree no one should take them to just chill out but they did seem to give me a calmer mood. I'm taking evening primrose oil instead to see if that helps.

    I go the the gym everyday before work which is my me time and I love excel using so it is a great stress relieve, I'm just frustrated with myself that I can't come home and be normal and not get straight into house hold chores and relax a bit and not get angry with my partner when he's sat about all day and not cleared after himself .

    long relaxing baths sound good, I might have to start having them with a good book to read. I d need to start being kinder to myself too.

  • Hi Lordy40, on reading your post I realise that the extreme irritability and low mood I used to experience have gone since a new GP reduced my dose of Levo. Test results also suggest a conversion problem in my case which someone has posted can cause this. So, I think you are probably right about it being a result of the Levo. Only an opinion.

    I do hope you soon feel much, much better, it's awful you are being irritable with those you love, makes you feel so miserable.

  • Thank you thyr01d, think it could be the dose too, I will persevere Until the 6 weeks is up and have a blood test and see.

    Your right it does it does make me feel miserable and like I'm not normal and I then fee guilty for being moody with loved ones.

  • :)

  • You may also benefit from a saliva stress test, low or high cortisol can seriously effect your tolerance for stress. For example if cortisol low a stressful situation would normally be countered by cortisol being made, but if you can't make it properly you can't regulate your reaction to stress.

  • Thank you sulamaye, I will look into a saliva stress test good idea.

  • Thank you for all your messages, I've been having trouble getting on the site, I will read each of your posts and will def be taking some advice. It's reassuring to know I'm not the only going though this. Always had OCD but it's got really bad lately. I'm forever picking up fluff off the carpet and can not let things rest I have to do them (chores) as soon as I get from work and I will worrying about doing them on the way home from work and that's hair not normal. ๐Ÿ˜“

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