Latest blood results any help appreciated

Latest blood results any help appreciated

My latest blood results endo first said I will leave u on 4 liothyronine which I have felt really great on then last min he said u no what let's cut it to 3 previous I had lost weight since taking 4 but now on 3 have now put on 10lbs in 3 weeks my appetite has increased and am waking up tired also falling asleep in the afternoon which I never done on 4 so am now back to taking 4 as had some at home as can not cope on 3 straight away my appetite has gone back to normal I've lost 3lbs in a week also awake in morning and no falling asleep during day the endo said il see u in a 6 months I said I hope I don't put on weight he just shrugged his shoulders and sent a app for 12 month s not 6 !!!!!! my chemist said I'm not surprised they have cut it as its gone up to over £800 !

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  • Shazzy2, do you have the range for FT3? 3.9 seems low to me and certainly doesn't appear to indicate overmedication on 80mcg.

  • No I haven't only what's on test but I know myself how I feel I'm low hav had no choice to take a extra cytomel to make it back to four tabs as cannot manage on the 3 it's so bad clutter they keep doing this to us I thout I'd found a really good endo but alas I was wrong as they he just wants me in and out !

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