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private thyroid and vitamin level check

In Blackpool tests are routinely done at BVH and it is standard practice not to test T3 or T4 unless TSH is out of range. below 0.5 or above 5. therefore despite GP specifically requesting they didn't check mine even though I had TSH levels of 4.97 on 50mcg and horrendous symptoms.

AS a result the GP would not increase my Levothyroxine and therefore I was forced to increase it myself.

they eventually agreed for me to continue on 75mcg but TSH now 3.87.

however i am still symptomatic and have an appointment with GP 16th and want to ask them to establish a upward titration of Levothyroxine until my TSH levels are around 1.0.

If they refuse again what are my options.

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JackyBlackpool, if your GP refuses to increase Levothyroxine until TSH is 1.0, see each GP in the practice in turn until you find one who will and, if necessary, change GP practice.

Read Treatment Options in If it would be useful to have a copy of the Pulse article to show your GP email for a copy.


You have no chance of getting anything positive with thyroid, here in Blackpool they seem to have the attitude that thyroid problems are not real, and once within normal levels they tend to try to reduce meds,

I have been to several different doctors, and when my thyroid goes into overdrive they say I am having a mental health episode and get me to take antidepressants, I do that and go hypo, gain weight rapidly and get so many aches and pains that life is intolerable, weight gain is half a stone a week,

I was told last year that tsh levels at 1.19 were virtually hyperthyroid, so if this is what is indicative of NHS in Blackpool, all I can say is find an online pharmacy you trust and get your meds there, I have heard good things about porcine, the natural desiccated thyroid, but from what I have read you have to get it yourself as NHS will not prescribe.


yes kittiblackpool I was told the same, symptoms psychosomatic.

Earlier in the year i was put on low dose antidepressant as an alternative to HRT. I was only on it 3 days, my joints were so painful I actually couldn walk. Makes sense now as I realise that antidepressants interfere with the absorption rate of Levothyroxine, therefore my hypothyroid symptoms were worsened.

Honestly don't know what to do, don't know which private suppliers are safe, but can't carry on like this deteriorating all the time.

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So sorry you are struggling, I think the only thing we can do is look for recommendations, at present I am on no meds and in constant pain. They had me on sertraline and the information sheet told you they can cause decreased thyroid function, GP's tend to ignore this, a few do acknowledge that antidepressants can cause metabolic problems, but I think the pharmaceutical companies have hid it for so long that patients have an uphill struggle.

Try telling someone that the meds cause weight gain and they say no they don't they work so you increase your appetite, but the information sheets actually admit weight gain as they cause metabolic changes.

So if meds cause thyroid problems, it would make sense to treat them, but no, the NHS refuses and moves the goal posts.

I will see what I can find out and what recommendations I can find and pass them on 😀

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