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Health update

Sorry this is a long post .

I've had a phone call from one of my doctors today and we're eventually getting some where.after a 24 hour blood pressure monitor was done the results are an average bp of 145/78 so doctors aren't worried saying it's borderline and to be tested again in 6months. As for the 24hours heart monitor it turns out that I have quote " only 3 odd beats per hour" so there not worried about that either.

And Thyroid, I have hashimotos TPO of>50 Tsh 3.8 last count and I've been having a battle with the doctors for months.

today after they received advice from the endocrinologist? The doctors have agreed a 2month trial of levothyroxin.I know it should be 3 months trial but I'll deal with that later.the doctor tried to tell me that the endocrinologist had said my raised TPO antibodies levels where due to my graves disease. And that the UK thyroid association had advised them. I told him that if it was graves my TPO would be under 1, and hashimotos hormones over the range of 34 according to their lab's indicate hashimotos and it leads to underactive hypothyroidism. And as a sufferer of both I knew I wasn't suffering graves now.

I also explained that in a bid to heal my thyroid and lower my bp and cholesterol levels I've been eating gluten free 100% for the last 3 weeks and that I mistakenly ate a gluten lasagne last week for one meal and suffered for it,(my sister and nephew are celiac sufferers. So I have a 50% chance of having it too)so I asked him as there is well documented evidence of a close link between thyroid disease and celiac disease or gluten intolerance could I have the biopsy test for this just to rule it out. he agreed to try and refer me for it.(it may seem strange to want this test but if I need to eat gluten free for my thyroid it would help to have a prescription to help with costs, but even if I don't have a problem with wheat I'll stay on a GF diet to help my thyroid)

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Pet-Lamb, hats off for your persistance, and congratulations on persuading them to trial you on Levothyroxine. As you say, 3 months trial would be better, but 2 is better than nothing and you may be able to wear them down nearer the time to continue it :)

Take Levothyroxine with water on an empty stomach 1 hour before, or 2 hours after, food and drink, 2 hours away from other meds and supplements, and 4 hours away from iron, calcium, vitamin D and oestrogen.

You're going to need to eat normal amounts of gluten for at least 6 weeks prior to a gluten test. Check the Coeliac website for details how much to eat on the gluten challenge.


Thanks clutter I really appreciate your help

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