Thermography Scan and opting out of Mammograms

Six years ago I remember reading about someone who had thermography breast scans instead of mammograms.

I have occasionally googled it, looking for where I can have thermography and my Chiropractor gave me the no. for and I spoke to Rosa who owns the company with her husband. They are based in Liverpool but run satelite clinics, the nearest for me (Warwick) was Shrewsbury. I wanted my daughter (23) to have a thermographic breast scan which would have been difficult for us both to get to.

Rosa came to my house on Monday. Six of us had a scan, we had completed a health questionnaires beforehand.

I asked friends if they wanted to come along but had no response. then I asked the members of my Thyroid UK support group and some came along.

A couple of us had a full body scan, we will have a phone conversation with Rosa on the findings soon.

This is just my opinion ..... I believe that women are brainwashed into thinking that mammograms are safe and detect tumours early. This is not early detection. It takes several years for a tumour to form. When having a mammogram you receive around the same amount of radiation as you would with 40 chest X-Ray's! How can this be safe. Then many women undergo gruelling so called treatment for something that wasn't even there!

The film which have made is excellent, a real eye opener and if only it was shown on television for more women to be aware of how harmful mammograms are!

There are also some YouTube clips of Rosa and Phil Hughes speaking which are worth watching.

Switzerland have phased out mammography, I hope the UK will soon do this too.

I recently had a form from the NHS asking me to sign to say that I no longer want mammograms, I am going to write to them to say "why should I sign out of something that I have never signed into?"

Hypothyroidism battles were just the start for me, it has opened my eyes to just how health matters are driven by big Pharma and how doctors have to do as they are told. I do hope the whole truth comes out soon!


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  • Thanks for posting this Suze, but would the price be prohibitive for some?

  • Yes unfortunately, the prices are on the website. Sadly we have to pay for most things, supplements and many of us have to pay for our own thyroid medication too.


  • I'm one of those self-funding Suze. Will have a look on the web-site. Was a good thought to have a kind of party of testing.

  • Yes, you can imagine what the conversations were in the kitchen, as we were all hypothyroid apart from my daughter.

  • I do hope you had some good laughs between you .......we desperately need to keep a sense of humour.

    I sincerely hope everything is OK for you all x

  • What a good opportunity. Living in Crete I no longer receive those threatening letters from the GP. I no longer have mammograms having read so much negative stuff. Breast cancer is over-diagnosed I have read - and it's all about money for BIG Pharma. I do have friends who have survived the surgery and treatment and are doing well - so it's not all bad. I had Benign Breast Disease ( Thyroid related I suspect ) many years ago resulting in surgery with complications - I was in my late 30's. Hashimotos diagnosed in 2004 when I was 59 - and so the pieces of the jigsaw pieces fell together !

    Thank you for the post Suze :-)

  • It's good to let people know that there are choices 😃

  • Thanks for posting this.I live near enough to Liverpool to go to their clinic for a scan.

  • That's good, have a chat with them on the phone, they are very helpful. Sue x

  • Sure

    How is it done ?

    Do you lie down or upright.

    I couldn't see equipment on the site.

    Cheers Pp

  • Pink peony you sit on a stool turning round and then stand up with arms up. Rosa had a camera on a stand and you can see the images on a laptop on a stand.


  • Suze

    Thanks for the reply .

    My Endo wants me to have a CT scan , but I have pathological fear of those scanners .

    I have told him he would have to put me to sleep lol


  • I was told by a friend in Romania that she thought I was mad at having mammograms as she only has thermography scans! When I asked the breast nurses in the hospital I was operated on my breast cancer about these scans under NHS, she told me that NHS doesn't provide them.

    I wonder if ultrasound tests for pregnant women won't be safer also using this new method?

  • But in case of potential malignancy, I'm sure NHS would want the patient to still have a mammogram unless one has private health insurance.

  • Well said ! I totally agree and have also believed this for some time. If you are familiar with Dr Joseph Mercola in the States, he backs up your theory.

    Thanks so much for sharing this info, it's something I could benefit from.

    Best wishes

  • I agree with every word you say, Suze. I did have a mammography once, in my ignorant days, but I wouldn't have another! The whole thing just seemed wrong, somehow. And now I know more about it, I'm convinced it's wrong! It's all about money again. Well done for finding an alternative. It almost sounds like fun! lol

  • I have received copies of the scans today and a report. I will make a telephone appointment to discuss the results.

  • well said

  • I have quite a long report. Some areas showed inflammation where I have got symptoms and others where I haven't. There are some things that I can do as a preventative measure. I have some changes to make, like wearing non-wired bras. I had already switched to a natural deodorant but my friends have this change to make too. We are all having a follow up in January, so another get together.

    Meanwhile I have received an opt out of mammograms form to sign. I don't agree that I need to sign it to opt out of being invited when I never signed into it but there you go. Prior to battling to be diagnosed and properly treated with hypothyroidism I would go along with everything, not now though, I just question everything.


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