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Breast implants

Good Morning All,

I am wondering how many people suffering with thyroid problems/ME/Fibromyalgia and any other disorders associated with the immune system, have breast implants for whatever reason? Just recently I was made aware of Breast Implant illness which as yet is not being acknowledged by the medical profession (no surprise there!). Also Allergan textured implants have just been banned in Europe and in the UK the plastic surgeon's have been advised not to use them, as they may increase the instance of Breast implant associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma. There has been increasing reports of women suffering with this form of lymphoma which is found in the capsule surrounding the implant, especially the textured ones. My youngest, much to my despair has Allergan textured implants and her health has deteriorated significantly over the past two years. She had implants at 18 so its taken 5 years for the symptoms to appear, if it is connected. As I have Hashimotos we are all possibly susceptible to immune problems. My eldest was diagnosed with ME at 16 and has never had implants so we know that the problem is not caused by them, however, she probably has thyroid issues but because of being in range, has never been allowed treatment. Looks like I will be trying to get the youngest to get rid of the implants as there is no way of knowing if they are or aren't causing the problem. I wish she had never gone down that route but as an adult she made that decision with the go-ahead from mental health professionals and gp...I didn't have a chance of persuading her otherwise.

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I am only too well aware of implants triggering auto immune illness...its been recognised for ages ...and saly since Hashimotos and other auto immune illness are inherited i suspect both your daughters are like my daughter and grandaughters they both have Hashimotos and or Central Hypothyroid ....indeed that may be why your so called ME daughter has not been diagnosed simply because unless TSH, freet4 and free t3 are tested central hypothyroid is missed ...it also seems to me that the children of thyroid patients are more prone to central hypothyroid


Both your daughters need full Thyroid and vitamin testing, that's TSH, FT4 and FT3 plus both TPO and TG thyroid antibodies tested. Also extremely important to test vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12

Low vitamin levels are extremely common, especially if Thyroid antibodies are raised

All thyroid blood tests should ideally be done as early as possible in morning and fasting. This gives highest TSH, lowest FT4 and most consistent results. (Patient to patient tip, best not mentioned to GP or phlebotomist)

Private tests are available. Thousands on here forced to do this as NHS often refuses to test FT3 or antibodies or vitamins


Medichecks Thyroid plus ultra vitamin or Blue Horizon Thyroid plus eleven are the most popular choice. DIY finger prick test or option to pay extra for private blood draw. Both companies often have special offers, Medichecks usually have offers on Thursdays, Blue Horizon its more random


Sorry about your daughter getting the implants. My daughter is 15 and aspires to a nose job. Nothing wrong with her nose, it’s just this Instagram world of plastic ‘perfection’. Definitely think plastic in the body is to be avoided as well. In fact anything foreign I’d avoid.

Saw a good feature on this in the Interconnected docu series over before Christmas.

Seems majority of implants have bacterial contamination which just sits in the body, switching on your immune system and prompting it to attack you.

I have a plastic mesh umbilical hernia repair which causes intermittent pain and would have it removed if I had a chance. I did actually have it removed when it became twisted and put back before I realised how bad they are.

I have Hashimotos btw, my daughter appears ok at the moment apart from eczema, lactose intolerance and anxiety, oh and iron deficiency although not sure if that’s just her picky eating. Good luck with getting you and yours sorted fit and well again.


Thanks for your reply. I feel so sorry for the youngsters today as they are bombarded with the so called "perfect images" from all forms of media. It is horrendous the pressure they are put under to be a certain way. We are now seriously looking into Breast implant illness and have joined groups on facebook which are full of young and not so young women suffering with the same symptoms. We did not know that implants are endocrine disruptors and seeing as we already have auto immune problems I think that my daughter's implants have brought on the problems earlier than they might have been. We have a long battle ahead.

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sorry to hear of your daughter's problems. I had a breast implant approx. 18 years ago. I had had a mastectomy a few years previous to this and I was talked into having the implant by a new consultant I had seen. I did voice my concerns at the time because of the problems with silicone but he assured mine would be quite safe as it was a silicone shell filled with saline. He said if it did leak the saline would be past out of the body. Not sure if this is a different type to what your daughter has.

I started with a under active thyroid 9 years ago and the past 2 years have been getting eczema and cold urticaria (the cold weather and cold water gives me hives) which are associated with the immune system.

Regarding your other daughter with M.E. My daughter was also diagnosed with it, sent on this PACE trail which did not help one little bit. She was constantly told her thyroid levels were normal although she had all the symptoms of hypothyroidism.

She was then diagnosed with celiac disease and went strictly gluten free but still her M.E. symptoms remained. She eventually went to see the lovely Doctor Skinner (who is well known on this forum, but has now unfortunately passed away) and he diagnosed her with hypo. Doctor Skinner would diagnose by symptoms, temperature and reflexes.

He prescribed her levothyroxine which did not suit her, she then tried NDT. which helped a little but she now self treats with T3 only which we purchase. She is so much better since taking it, not 100% but I would say 80% better.

She had to have a small operation a year or so ago and the Doctors insisted she come off the T3 to get a true reading of her thyroid levels, her TSH came back above range so she eventually got an official diagnoses by the NHS. So many people are suffering because of the stupid NHS ranges. In USA and some European Countries people are diagnosed with a TSH over 3.

If you post any thyroid and other blood result your daughter has then members can advise.

I could not advice regarding your daughters implants but I thought I would tell you my experience in case it helps in some ways.

I wish you all the very best of luck.


Thanks for your reply. We are investigating Breast implant illness fully now as we were unaware that they cause problems with the endocrine system. Hopefully she will get these things removed and her problems will improve. Unfortunately there is no guarantee that she will completely recover as her body may well be damaged beyond repair.


What symptoms has your daughter suffered from since having the implants put in?


Hi. She has had overwhelming fatigue she sleeps for 12 hours plus, and never feels refreshed. Brain fog, sluggish digestion,food intolerance, spots, swollen lymph nodes in her neck for over a year, sharp pain in her chest, painful legs, hips, hair loss the list goes on and on. She is awaiting an appointment with the breast clinic as there is a possibility that her implants have ruptured as she has capsular contraction in both breasts.

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Poor girl, I do hope her appointment goes well and you get some confirmation if it is the implants causing her symptoms.

If it does turn out to be the cause could you please let me know.

Good luck and best wishes.


There is a facebook group, UK Breast Implant Illness and Healing Support Group where there are over 1600 women complaining of the same symptoms as my daughter. There is also a support group for women like my daughter whom have the Allergan textured implants, Allergan Group Action u.k. They are trying to raise awareness of the issue with textured implants and higher risk of ALCL and looking to take action against the manufacturers of these things.

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Many thanks for the information.

I will take a look.


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