Thermography - who has this? instead of mammograms?

I am going to book a thermography scan and wondered who else has them and where?

I can see that mammograms have so many disadvantages. Apparently doctors are told to examine breasts very gently if a lump has been found so as not to disturb a possible tumour, and yet a mammogram involves squeezing the breast between two plates with a lot of pressure! Also doctors and radiologists cannot tell us exactly how much radiation you are subjected to during a mammogram. Then there are the false positives and false negatives ........

Just wondered if anyone wants to share their experiences in thermography??


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  • I'm dithering about it - not a lot of use to you!

    I have had an assortment of cysts over the years, to the point where I stopped worrying about any lumps I found. Then more recently I had some pain in roughly the area where the cysts used to be. Doc found nothing, and told me to take Evening Primrose oil and it works like a charm - but only when I remember to take it!

    But the general effect is, I suspect that I will still have hotspots, so wonder just how valuable thermography will be. For the time being I'm just refusing the mammogram.

    You are aware that latest research shows that its really questionable whether mammograms actually save lives. They involve radiation and physical damage, and pick up as many false negs, many of which result in surgery, and they do positives. And they miss a fair few too.


    I have read and watched info on this site and am just lost for words

  • Suze I've tried to find somewhere which does thermography but could only find places in London at £350 up as they seem to want to do follow ups plus private doctor consultations first. Have you found anywhere reasonable to get one done? I think they seem far safer than mammograms.


    They have clinics in several parts of the country

  • Thank you! There are two clinics within a 45 minute drive and better priced then the ones I'd found. I shall definitely contact them because I refused my last NHS Mammogram on the basis they're potentially dangerous.

  • Suze, whoever invented the mammogram must have been a man. Excuse me but tits extend into the armpit area, so squeezing the part that sticks out or hangs isn't really providing the 'whole picture'... know what I mean? Plus tumors close to the chest wall are not on the mammogram image. There's some blah blah here in Ontario that ultrasound is what should be done instead (and I'll go for one of those before I'll get my poor little whatsits squeezed) but the claim is ultrasounds are more expensive. <shrug> Don't know. All these radiology clinics have invested money in mammogram machines so it's probably a business decision to keep using them. Terrible. I refuse. If the M.D. would offer to send me for ultrasound, I'd agree to go.

  • I have stopped having mammograms for all the reasons mentioned above. Used to suffer with BBD and had surgery - all calm nowadays. Must be the T3 - or the D3 - or all those other supplements... :-)

    Lots of things are designed to make money for BIG Pharma :-(

  • Totally agree! I've stopped going, too. I only went once and it was such an appalling experience that I never went again. Every year I get a letter telling me I'm due for one, and if I have any réservations to 'talk to my doctor'. Yeah! Like he would know!!!

  • Hello,

    I had a thermography done last week - it was a full body scan inlcuding breasts of course. I had it done in Worthing at Windsor Clinic ( and I got results and report the next day, so would recommend. This company also does thermography ( it's called Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging) and they are based all over UK:

    Hope that helps.

  • I have had many mamograms over the years but will not have them any more as I am a bit more clued up these days. I intend to have the thermography as it is more reliable and less (potentially) dangerous. Also, maybe it's neither here nor there but it is very uncomfortable having your breast squeezed flat, it can't be good for them.

  • I think there is no risk at all at having a thermography done. They just take a picture of you with a special camera, save it on a computer and send to a specialist to wirte a report on it. It is not a diagnostic tool however. It can detect changes, even at a very early stage, but it is not used to diagnosed a disease.

  • What do you mean exactly when you say that thermography is not a diagnostic tool? And why? In a way mammograms can detect that there is a change in the breast and in order to know for sure, one has to have a biopsy which I understand that will be done if something suspicious is found on a thermograph too. But going back to my Romanian friend, she told me that in her country doctors don't do biopsies in case it is cancer and by opening the cluster of cancerous cells up, they spread the cancer. I was thinking that the same might happen during an FNA.

  • I think it is the same then as with mammograms - to be sure you need a biopsy. That is true, if the tumor is benign (and quite often encapsulated), a biopsy can open it up and let the cancer cells spread. If the cancer is malignant then it doesn't matter that much I sppose as they are not encapsulated and can spread on their own. Of course it is difficult to judge without a biposy what type of change is there, so it's a difficult situation.

  • I have a friend who lives in Romania and was shocked when I told her I was having mammograms when she had already, for quite a long time, only thermographs. My late-neighbour, a well known surgeon, who during his working life, he operated almost all over the body, had told his wife not to have any mammograms. This says a lot.

  • There's an awful lot Docs wouldn't have done to themselves apparently....

  • Thermography is very safe - I've done it three times, just breast ones. I'm in the U.S. Thermography is expensive and not covered by insurance. I initially started thermography because of an awful experience I had with mammography (I have breast implants - not large ones).

    The thermography process is simple: you remove clothing on the upper body and are given a wrap to cover up. Since lotions, perfumes and deodorants can interfere with the imaging, avoid applying or wearing prior (I would bring deodorant with me to apply immediately afterwards).

    You stand in front of a scanner and will be told how to pose for the images. My person always had their back to me and would be watching their monitor to see if I was in the correct position to take the scan. The process took about 15 minutes.

    Scans and reports were later mailed to me. Easy peasy.

    I would give copies to my GP as well as my GYN. To be truthful, neither knew much about the process and would still ask me to get a mammogram. I didn't go for a very long time, but 3 - 4 years ago I had one done along with a breast MRI since I wanted to make sure I had no issue with implants I had that were 20+ years old. Everything was fine and the mammogram process wasn't the horror story of my youth.

    I'm probably due for a mammogram. The new machines are really great but I don't like the radiation so I only go once every 5 years or so. Both my GP and GYN always urge me to go every year but I remind them that I have NO family history nor any breast issues whatsoever and they back off. Besides, with everything else I have going on right now, my breasts are the least of my concerns. My body, my choice!

    I prefer thermography but the cost isn't something I can justify right now. If only insurance would cover it and give woman a choice.

  • Thanks for all of your replies, I am going to arrange for a thermography scan at home when I can get another couple of friends to come along.

    Just this morning I lost a friend who had cancer, breast cancer initially. I saw her last night and I never want to see anyone suffer like she did again!

    I have also watched the Ty Bollinger the truth about cancer videos which is a real eye opener.


  • Yes I read Ty's post too.I recently had to have 3 xrays on my foot and 2 on my hip. I think there are epsom salts baths or some other remedy to offset this radiation (afterwards) but I am not sure what, any ideas anyone?

  • I am so sorry for your loss Sue xx

  • Does anyone know how often these should be carried out? Due to an early hysterectomy and many years of HRT, I've had several mammograms but have refused for the last few years.

  • Yearly apparently.

  • Are you American too as in the UK, one is asked to have mammograms every 3 years, I think, but at least not every year. It's only in the States that people are sent to have them yearly.

  • So sorry for your loss Sue.

    I havent had any done for years after i had a call back and ended up having lots carried out a few weeks later. Luckily It was a false alarm. The reasons i havent been for ages are the same as everyone elses above xxx

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