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GP's are making £3million per year charging for patient records for benefits assessments

In the Times today, about charging for patient records. Some of it is for Insurance companies etc . Citizens Advice said the survey showed that 15% of all GP surgeries turned down requests from all patients requesting records with respect to information for fitness to work and only 14% acted on selected requests for evidence.

Wonder if anyone has done similar work on how much folks are charged for info such as blood test results etc. that those of us with thyroid issues might need. I am lucky and have been given all info I asked for and not charged even for older records of blood tests back to 2007.

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Daylight robbery! I was charged £160 for the GP to fill in his part of the form for Court of Protection papers. Can't believe we are charged so much for this kind of document. Janet.


GP's are earning amazing amounts of money for the silliest little thing. I can understand charging for their time in writing a report etc but admin staff should be much cheaper when it comes to photocopying records. Add to the insult they get up to £50 per test for blood tests etc and over that per patient for each clinic they run (diabetes, pre-natal) its disgusting!! ON TOP of which, they get money and perks for prescribing statins and anti - depressants!!


Do GPs really get paid for prescribing statins and anti-depressants? What kind of medical service is that? IN fact, it's not a service but a business!!!

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We have millionaire GPs and a failing health service but the NHS cannot be reformed - its the holy cow.


I bought my manual and electronic medical records for £50 and a month later the practice manager tried to charge me £10 for a print out of some blood test results. I refused to pay and made an appt to view them online. Cancelled this after I got the GP to give me the results at a med review. Stupid waste of everyone's time. Next bloods results I stood at reception while a queue grew behind me and receptionist prepared to read the results to me. She said it was a waste of her time and printed off the results.

I'm quite happy to pay a quid for a few pages of results to cover the cost of paper and printer ink but I'm damned if I'll pay £10. Ultimately it has to be cheaper to printout results rather than tie up receptionists time reading results or chaperoning people viewing online.


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