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Armour and hospialisation

I am considering asking my Endo if I can try T4 / T3 combo. What roughly is the proportion of T4 and T3 in Armour . ? Having been on a full trial of Armour and having these end resultsTSH 1.0 FT412.0 FT3 7.4.

Knowing now odd I am on T3 alone I am going to try to work out what might be good T4/T3 proportions before I Email my Endo Bit worried as to how he will react! --- but at least I will not be facing him across a desk!!

Lastly someone said that a friend had done an NHS all day blood test I have asked for this and been told that it is not done!! I cannot find the post at the moment but would dearly like to know where it was if that is possible as I am sure would others on this site . If it works as it obviously has in the case of the friend then it seems to me that it would save much NHS time in wrong medication and " guess -- work" and be a happier outcome for Patient and Consultant alike !!

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Do you have the ranges for your blood tests? They are helpful as labs use different machines with different ranges so it makes it easier for members to comment.


Pig4u, FT3 7.4 may be slightly over range. In any case, not everyone feels well with FT3 at the top of range, and somewhere in the top third of range may be more comfortable.

There is 38mcg thyroxine and 9mcg T3 in one grain (60mg) Armour.

I think you may be referring to Halinka's post below. If ACTH stimulation was done to test adrenal/cortisol levels that would take place over several hours but isn't connected with thyroid.



Go by how you feel not numbers! Doctors would love it if we could all be reduced to a set of numbers but we are patients not numbers!


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