Consultant Ignorance ?

I saw my cardio yesterday for a six month check up . He really is lovely and I can say what I like to him ( within reason ) lol

I think because I am old enough to be his mother , I can get away with it .

He checked what meds I was on and I told him I was on T3 now as well as Levo.

To my surprise I had to explain what T3 was and what it does 😱 .

I was under the impression it was sometimes used with cardiac surgery. I must be mistaken ?

I had stopped taking my blood thinner a few months ago as I was having headaches every day , and he was suggesting alternatives .

I asked him if there was a natural alternative and he actually said the drug companies wouldn't like that.

I said Big Pharma ? And he said yes DUH !

It's shocking how hidebound the profession is as far as this is concerned .

Will the Health Service ever break the chains of the drug companies?

By the way if anyone knows a natural alternative to blood thinners I would like to know .

Cheers Pp

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  • It's not a surprise that they know little about liothyronine especially that it is the Active thyroid hormone. That's because they've only been told about levothyroxine. It's us, the patients, that have had to find out the hard way that there can be an addition to levo, or that it is included in NDT (a natural dessicated thyroid hormone) because we weren't improving on T4 only. Would mother nature give us unnecessary hormones but because of the guidelines we are bound into only taking one?

  • Omega 3s. Aspirin (not natural). Turmeric, garlic, ginger and Vit E. And probably anything you were told not to take while taking the blood thinning meds.

  • Thanks for the reply Angel.


  • I believe Oil of Evening Primrose thins blood, as I do know you have to come off it if you are about to have an operation. Sorry I cannot find a link.

  • Thanks for that j_bee .

    I will look into it .


  • I've been taking fish oil capsules for a long time. To begin with I only took one capsule a day, but then increased it to two. I noticed when I cut myself that any bleeding would go on for longer before clotting. I've gone back down to one a day now, and my bleeding time has become more normal.

    I have taken garlic capsules before and they seemed to thin my blood as well.

  • humanbean thanks for that .

    Are they ok to take with meds , do you know?


  • Sorry, I don't know. I'm not taking prescribed blood thinners at all, and never have done.

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