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Multinodular Goitre

Hello everyone. I have been folowing you guys here for sometime noa, and you all seem to communicate better than some doctors i have been seeing.

I developed thyroid issues 2 yrs ago. The first thyroid test i did came out just slightly elevated. And i wasnt placed on any drugs. But ve been having symptoms of hyperthyroidism. I have done two tests this year that came back as Euthyroid, but i do not still feel normal. And the growth is still evident o myyy neck.

I recently went for a scan and was told i have multiple nodules on my left thyroid with "retrosrenal extension". The right lobe is fine. Im being told i might just have to do a thyroidectomy.

What i can't understand, is being Euthyroid, yet the growth. ..and the nodules.

Can anyone please help me out here.

Lastly, the thyroidectomy shouldn't be total, right?

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Its the left lobe affected, the right one if fine.


I have similar to you. Raised TSH but still in range and multi-nodular goiter on right lobe. I had my scanned twice, 3 months apart to check the nodules were'nt growing (they aren't). hey won't do FNA until a nodule is over 1cm (my largest is 0.8cm). There is a theory that nodules can be caused by high estrogen as they are very common in women and often go hand in hand with fibroids.


Im being told its dropping into my chest so I ll hv to operate it.


Hello Kenny-great,

Welcome to our forum and sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well.

I had a multi nodular goitre but am hypothyroid so don't speak from experience .... only what I have read.

If your thyroid hormones become too elevated you will be medicated on Carbimazole to decrease levels. If your goitre becomes too big or is deemed to be suspicious or if your retrosrenal extension compromises your airways, you will be offered a thyroidectomy.

Have you been tested for thyroid antibodies as if positive this would determine Graves Auto Immune Disease.?

Kenny, many people with thyroid issues suffer nutrient deficiencies. It is a good idea to ask your GP to also test Vit D, Vit B12, folate and ferritin and post results complete with ranges ( numbers in brackets).

Hopefully other members will comment on their "experiences".


Link providing info on hyperthyroidism


Thanks so much, would request for such tests..


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