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T3 supplier

Dear all,

I need help with contacts to a T3 supplier.

A bit of context, I grew up in Indonesia where there is limited medication option for hypothyroidism. Later in life I went to Australia for study and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue. I had not been feeling well for years, showing all the symptoms, such as unexplain weight gain of 20 kg despite eating 1200 cals and working out everyday, feeling cold all the time, thinning hair, and major depression.

This year, I visited 5 GPs and Endos, running numerous blood test, and whilst my ft3 was low, but still within range 3.2; has been utmost trying. They refused to treat my symptoms. After reading STTM books, I have decided to self-medicate with T3 and using doctors to get relevant lab test. I have wasted too many precious savings on incompetent GPs and Endos, this is truly my last effort to recovery.

I need help with a source of T3. Please reply or pm.

Thank you.

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I will pm you x

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Hi could you pm me a safe t3 supplier, I'm fed up with t4 only and still feel depressed, so taking plunge of self medicating now. Thanks minus


I have bought plenty, head Endo at Rvi won't prescribe anyone with T 3, eventhough bloods show that I sm in desperate need of it. I would pm u, but don't know how


I would pm u, but don't know how

1) Click on the name of the person you want to send a message to. The person's profile page will open.

2) At the top of the screen there is a wide blue banner. On the far right of the blue banner is the word "Message". Click on that word. The next page that opens allows you to add further recipients for your message (if you want to send a PM to a group of people.

3) Type in a Subject for your PM.

4) Enter your message where it says "Type your message here".

5) Click on "Send message" at the bottom of the screen.

When you get PMs sent to you, there will be a red blob next to your own name in the green banner at the top of the screen. Click on your name, then click on "Messages" to take you to your own PMs.


I've just realised that the wide blue banner I referred to is what people see if they haven't uploaded a profile picture. So you might see a different type of banner to me. It makes no difference to sending or receiving PMs but just thought I'd mention it anyway.


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