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I have Orthostatic hypotension = adrenal exhaustion but my saliva cortisol is raised? how do I support my adrenals ?

Hoping that the font of wisdom can answer this one for me :-)

My cortisol saliva results were

Sample 1 Post Awakening 35.99 H range 7.45-32.56

Sample 2 (+ 4 - 5 Hours) 11.67 H range 2.76-11.31

Sample 3 (+ 4 - 5 Hours) 6.33 range 1.38-7.45

Sample 4 (Prior to Sleep) 4.31 H range 0.83-3.86

DHEA a.m 0.84 range 0.25 - 2.22

p.m 0.19 range 0.25 - 2.22

DHEA mean 0.52

DHEA:Cortisol ratio 0.023 range 0.015 - 0.150

I have Hashimoto's and am just switching from Levothroxine to NDT ; I am post-menopausal and from what I have read the DHEA is low and indicates that my adrenals are beginning to get "exhausted" but the cortisol is high ( I am virtually weaned off low dose citalopram ( SSRI) which I gather can raise Cortisol levels) so logically, I do not need something like Nutri Adrenal but...

I have orthostatic hypotension, my BP regularly drops more than 10 mm/Hg immediately on standing, which according to some, means I have adrenal exhaustion, so should take Nutri Adrenal.

I am looking at adaptogenic herbs and phosphytidylserine as recommended in Dr D-P's books but he doesn't really refer to what to do in my scenario.

Any ideas folks?

thank you :-)

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I have had similar with my Adrenals, really got to a low point in May. So I thought I would have a go at seeing an Homeopath in my area(Cornwall) and found a great lady. She has helped me enormously with remedies and I am now at a point of being able to sort my Thyroid out and started NDT a couple of days ago. To reach better Adrenal health alongside the remedies I also took Rhodiola and Pantothenic Acid which I think also helped speed things up. Good Luck


Thanks Gillypop, I'll have a think about homeopathy :-)


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