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In desperation I have just ordered Thiroyd 60 mg tabs. I have been on thyroxine for around 18 months. I had graves prior to radio iodine. since then I have gained 30lbs feel like a very old woman and cant seem to cope. I seemingly now have delayed stomach emptying which the Endo says is causing chronic fatigue.

It is amazing how many health problems I have now since being on levo. I do not convert the T3 properly it would seem. has anyone tried this Thiroyd tab.? love to hear from you.

Hope everyone is having a good thyroid day x

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Hi fitzy, I've tried it. And whilst NDT didn't suit me at all (can't tolerate T4) I did find that for me, it was the best of the NDTs - and I tried most of them.

But just because it does or doesn't suit someone else, doen't mean it's right or wrong for you. We're all different and we have to try things to know what's right for us. :)


Hi greygoose, Thanks for getting in touch I really appreciate you taking the time to reply. I will give it a go and if it isn't right I will try something else. anything is better than this.

Have a great day and thanks again


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