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Can other test results be wrong?

Good afternoon everyone,

I am aware that Thyroid/Adrenal test results do not show what is really going on, but is that the same for other tests aswell?

For years I have suffered terribley with what I thought was Candida, most of my previous tests have confirmed this but the one I had from the gyno has not. I saw a box come up on her screen when looking at the results approx 12 boxes - to were dark green but all the others were pinky colour.

Could it be something else causing the symptoms? It seems strange that meds ease things but never cure

Thank you

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without knowing exactrly the tests done and the results and reference ranges we don't have a clue

your legally entitled to them so get a copy


Thank you reallyfedup, I will get a copy. The specialist is refering me on to a collegue of his but that might take a while.


Hello Kitten-Whiskers,

Thyroid hormone test results give a pretty clear picture as long as all hormones are tested (as there is not an unseen conversion problem).

Candida should always be picked up by a comprehensive stool analysis combined with a microbial urine acids test.

If you are repeatedly treating diagnosed candida and it keeps reappearing, you should probably try a different approach. There are several ways of eliminating it but the common denominator is you mustn't introduce probiotics until candida eradication has been proven by more tests...otherwise you just end up feeding the candida..!!



Hello Flower,

It has never been tested by Stool sample or urine acid test, it was just the usual swob. I have never been able to get it under control, it has been with me for years and years but it is getting worse. I have now got to wait for another appointment as the gyno said he didn't know what to do.

I will ask them about the tests you have mentioned though, hopefully they will show what is going on, because when it is really bad I suffer terrble stomach ache as well.

Thank you : >


My GP has been totally disinterested in many of the symptoms I've been having. After reading a post on here recently, I realised that I ticked so many boxes for candida. I have no idea if I actually have it or not, but I have no intention of returning to the GP for more abuse. I really can't deal with being fobbed off any more.

Instead, I went to see a private nutritionist, with my main goal to be to stop feeling so dreadfully nauseous constantly. With no prompting from me whatsoever, she said she suspects that I do have candida, and very low stomach acid (which I was already sure of).

Again, whether I do or don’t, I have nothing else to lose in trying her suggestions. I am following an anti-candida diet and, only 2 weeks in, the extreme and debilitating nausea has decreased massively. She is also addressing the low stomach acid. So many of my symptoms are stopping.


Hello Beamsmummy,

Thank you for your reply, I see I am not alone - my doctor, any so called specialists I have seen are also not interested either, it has taken nearly fifteen years to get an appointment to see a gyno - all hopeful that finally I will get some help, but no chance, he couldn't be bothered, so now I have to wait for yet another appointment.

I am so glad you are starting to feel better, I am still certain I have Candida, I read a book about it and I have almost every symptom, I also have low stomach acid and that lets Candida in.

I am just so fed up of having to verbally fight for medical help, when my energy is low anyway and everything seems like an uphill struggle.

It does sound like you have a nice Nutritionalist, I saw one last year and he said to me 'I probably won't get better' so I never went back, I have however proved him wrong because my health has improved a bit.

Best wishes



I don't understand why on earth your nutritionalist would say such a daft thing about you not getting better - was he private or NHS? I saw an NHS dietician recently, and she said that I was "complex" and that she was struggling to decide what to do. She actually didn't have a clue. It was an appointment I had waited months for.

I am a strong believer in how important diet is for us, but was struggling badly to sort myself out, and steadily getting worse. There is so much conflicting information out there, and I just needed someone who could "put it altogether" for me.


I saw an Nhs dietician once I waited months for the appointment and thought I would get the best advice.

I nearly died of shock when I walked into the room at my doctors surgery to see her. It was nanny McPhee , fat warts an all. She handed me a pre printed menu and said be gone and waved her hand. Later that night I went the cinema with my husband and kids and there she was sitting in front with a huge tub of ice cream. Haaa, hysterical. So no I never saw her again.

Be gone , what kind of language was that.

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Hello Jobeth,

I can't say I am suprised, NHS or private it seems to be minimum effort at all times, even by the specialist who seems to be clueless.


I agree, it's all's I come to expect now. Poor help or no help. And in the days of my youth and good health I always believed our nhs doctors would be there and fix me. In fact I think my 9 lives are all gone , I counted them up.

in reality really bad. More people suffering than imaginable.


Good afternoon Jobeth, your spot on, I seem to be the only one to complain at my surgery, therefore it looks like I am the problem.

The problem is if we expect poor or no treatment, the doctors get away with it and get lazy - none of them have done anything to help me, I had a blasing row with the first endro I saw - he was waving his arms and shouting at me, I wasn't having any of it, he didn't like the truth, so I got under his skin - one to me : > but when your that ill, you don't want this rubbish - they are getting paid a lot of money but do very little for it.


I agree, you are correct. We have to say if we are not happy with our treatment. It's our health, what is more important than our health.

I too dislike complaining but I will speak up if it needs because it helps us all.

I've been insulated many a time by doctors, told them to put that in writing, the insult.

You have to be up on your own health much as possible and thick skinned. And all demand better.



Quite right Jobeth, we have to stand up and be counted. the treatment if we get any just is not good enough and also be very clued up, what ever the condition as they all seem to have gone rapidly down hill and rely soley on blood tests, I can't remember the last time I was actually examined or even how Ill i looked taken into account.

I am glad you speak up, I do now - of course I am unpopular but if it gets us better treatment and maybe a bit of respect then it's worth it : >


You sound great. Good on you. 😊


Thank you : >


Hello Beansmummy, the nutritionalist was private, quite expensive too, that is why I thought he would make more of an effort, but I was clearly wrong, he suffered with ME but to me it didn't look like he was as well as he said he was.

I do agree about diet, I do wonder if I have a dairy intolerance, I do have a Gluten free, vegetarian diet so mainly healthy, but in my Candida book, their are so many things to avoid and like you say "so much conflicting information out there"

It's great your improving


I also seemed to be having a problem with dairy, which was one of the reasons for my NHS referral to a dietician – she didn’t know how to deal with that, so her advice was to eat more cheese and milk, I still can't get my head around that one. I knew I would get nowhere fast with her, and I think I really started to doubt my sanity.

The private nutritionist feels that my reaction to dairy is more likely to be just certain dairy foods that effect the candida and bacterial overgrowth. So, some dairy products are to be avoided for now (no milk or most cheese); some are advised (plain unsweetened yogurt, for instance). I have googled all the advice she gave, it all seemed spot on. Whether or not she is right, my symptoms are easing, so I am happy to follow her advice.

I was so overwhelmed by all the stuff you read about what you should or shouldn’t eat, because of the Hashimoto’s and other health problems I have, so finding someone who seemed to understand all that has been the most positive thing in sorting out my health since forever. I’d got to the point where I couldn’t do it on my own any more.

It shouldn’t be so hard to find doctors or health professionals that actually know how to do their jobs :(

Have you thought about seeing if you could find a more competent private nutritionist?


Good afternoon Beansmummy, eat more milk and cheese, where was her common sense? I have been told some daft things from GP's in my time, I just can't believe it sometimes and they get away with not bothering.

You have mentioned something very relevant for me, about dairy - with it only being certain foods, I can have something containing dairy and seem to not have an issue but if I have something else with dairy I get stomach ache - maybe that is why.

When I chose this nutritionist it was a choice between two, I obviously chose the wrong one, the other one isa lady - the fee was about £100 a visit and then tests were extra.

I think I will find out and follow the candida diet, after all you are feeling better and go from there.

I don't think we will find medical help, I think they do see us as having "complex conditions" and leave us to it - when we need them the most :<

Thankfully we have this site, books and the internet to help us


I think that changing our diets is a relatively easy thing to so, in the grand scheme of things - no medication, medical procedures or anything. I had already changed mine to eat more healthily, but not necessarily correctly (I had increased my fruit intake, and hadn't realised that this was "feeding" the candida big time).


Thank you BeansMummy, I will stick with a strict diet and hope for the best. Do you take any probotics to help? Or do you think cutting out certain foods is enough to rid you of Candida?


I've been told no probiotics yet, but she said that she would suggest them later one. I can't remember what the reason for this was.

Sugar is obviously banned, which includes fruit (max 1/2 portions per day).

I seem to have about zero stomach acid as well, so we are dealing with that at the same time.


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