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Unexplained Weight Gain in Female???

This is a post for a family member who is at her wits end; she is NOT OBESE I repeat not obese in any way, But, she continues to gain weight. Height 5ft.6in. small frame and weighing in at 13,stone. Ridiculous to be that weight when she eats less than a Sparrow.

She has tried all kinds of diets; and is an active person. Doctors say blood tests show below borderline for Thyroid problems. They also say it's not PCOS. Anyone else experience a similar weight gain problem? could it be Thyroidisam Related?

She needs help'' Advise and guidance appreciated..

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She needs to obtain a copy of her most recent blood test results, this will help:


Many GPs know zero about thyroid disorders, preferring instead to offer AD's. Once you have the results start a new post and include them. members can then comment.


She has recently had some blood tests, although I'm not sure she has a copy of them?


Patients are entitled to request a copy of their blood test results, ask the Practice Manager. There may be a small charge and the link I posted is helpful.

I'm afraid to say that many of us on here have discovered the hard way that GPs are not always clued up. So, for example, a patient could be told their blood tests are 'fine' but upon examination you could see a very low ferritin result. Yes, it's within the range but at the very bottom of it so could obviously be improved.

GPs are not taught about the importance of vitamins and minerals in a patient's health.

It sounds daunting but there's some very knowledgeable people on this Forum who will try to help.


I had gained lots of weight before hypothyroidism was diagnosed so its possible but without knowing her results its difficult to say but i do sympathise as I can't shift a Lb and I'm active too.


Hi Nytsom, it's very common for weight gain to be the first sign of hypothyroidism since your metabolic rate is going down which means you are burning fewer calories per hour than normally. Your adrenal glands regulate much of this. If her adrenals decide to lower the thyroid and she becomes too active, the adrenals may decide to further lower metabolism. Same with dieting.


Thanks for the replies everyone; especially the diagram .. I'll pass on the replies to my family member, she has not had her latest blood results yet.

I think it must be some kind of Hormone imbalance to cause continual weight gain.


Hi Nytsom, the picture you can see above isn't just a diagram, it's a Youtube video. I'm not sure from your comment if you realised that.


No I hadn't realised it was a Video; but watching it has opened up a lot of information..

Thank you.


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