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Feeling Wiped Out!


I'm hypothyroid but have been doing well on T3 for the past 17 years or so (90mcgs a day). I was seen by an endo within the last 12 months or so (private app as my new GP was worried about my dosage and blood test results - Endo reassured him and gave him a 'lesson' in how to read results in someone on T3).

I had my last period over two years ago and up until about 4 weeks ago thought I'd gotten off fairly lightly in terms of menopausal symptoms.

Now however I feel completely wiped out - have regular hot flushes (not unmanageable but some days they are very frequent) and the night flushes are interfering with my sleep. I'm also feeling emotionally labile (I'm usually very 'steady' in that respect)

I have decided against HRT and plan to stick with that decision now but I think I would benefit from something.

Is there anything that can be safely taken alongside T3?

Thank you

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I took high dose (2000 mg) sage daily which helped with the hot flushes. Bought it online from Healthspan. Clemmie

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Thank you for replying to me?

Are you on T3 too?

I know that there's lots of stuff out there but I'm a bit of of wuss when it comes to taking something that might not mix well with my thyroid medication.

I've been hyper thyroid before becoming hypo and that was scary!


I started taking T3 a couple,of months ago but stopped because of itching although I'm not sure it was that so going to restart it shortly.



I've had itching on and off for years - my forearms in particular but also my face and head.

I went to the GP who found nothing wrong.

I now treat it as an unpleasant, occasional occurrence.


I've had itching too, all over for about 15 years and take regular antihistamines but this recent episode has been unbearable so I stopped all my meds over a week ago and the itching has only just stopped so adding in my meds individually now. Clemmie.


It's not easy being a woman, is it? :-(

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I believe evening primrose oil is good. I suffered with very painful mastitis with my menopause and doctors couldn't help. But on taking evening primrose oil it got better. Hope it helps your nasty hot flushes too. God bless.

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Thank you.

I used to take that for PMT and it helped.

I'll give it a try again.


Certainly believe in to each their own but from my own personal experience because I would never take HRT I saw a homeopathic GP and they prescribed tablets made the world of difference. Homeopathy treats symptoms and it did work for me xx


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