Hello all I have protein smoothies for breakfast everyday and wanted too add a super green powder I found a total nutrition powder by better you but it contains kelp/iodine. Unfortunately it doesn't state how much you get per serving but I was wondering would it be bad too take daily? Ingredients arePre-Sprouted Barley, Flaxseed, Quinoa, Bilberry Fruit, Whole Apple, Carrot,Turmeric, Kelp, Spirulina and Barley

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  • Nettie, spirulina and kelp aren't recommended for hypothyroid patients as they usually contain a high iodine content which can be damaging to the thyroid and induce autoimmune disease (Hashimoto's) and increase Hashi flares.

  • Thanks clutter I'm going too make up my own using wheat grass carrot and spinach no as fancy but I hope its safe x

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