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St John Wort

I wanted some advice on the above please? I took this for a while when my marriage dissolved. It help me achieve a lighter mood. Does anyone have any issues wrt Hashi.

As a slightly low mood individual naturally I pick myself up with adrenalin in the form of a run. Now I've been told not to do this by some folk on here (which I've ignored this morning), however it makes my outlook seem more positive, which I guess is something we all need?

I've probably overdone it this morning as I'm aching after 3.5 miles. But you can't beat the feeling of endorphins and a good sweat.

Thank you kind folk. Mike


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Mike -am not aware that running is contra indicated! In fact one way to help speed up a sluggish metabolism is to exercise and regular exercise is an important part of managing hypothyroidism.

The only time it would be advisable to becareful of the amount you push yourself in exercise is when your thyroid treatment is in the early days and not optimal this is because your body needs time to adjust to medication and there is a period of time for recovery -during that period care is advised with exercise/ activity gradually increased to avoid ' crashing.'

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