Fingers crossed

Hi everyone ,thought i share my good news ,i am feeling so much better on Thiroyd and only been on it a few days ,this is the first time i have felt normal since i started with a thyroid problem ,my sight seems better as well as hearing only a few palpatations ,in fact because i am feeling better i am not thinking of my Blasted thyroid all the time,..I have even cleaned my windows and put clean curtains up lol.So fingers crossed that i dont crash after 4 months or so like i have with other thyroid meds <Plus i have not needed my t3 .Its so nice having a clear head but just need my memory to improve a bit better ,i can cope with the odd pains .Its such a lovely feeling to be me again

best wishes

sue xx

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  • That's great news, Sue. Onwards and upwards now :-D

  • thanks Clutter ,i am so happy to be feeling myself again ,its seems funny not having my thyroid on my mind ,wish everyone else could feel better

    Hugs sue xx

  • lets hope you continue to improve just be careful to pace yourself doing too much on a good day can set you back

    be sure to take plenty of Vit C and always a good multi vitamin before bed and remember it can take a year to heal all the damaged tissues even on NDT

  • thanks reallyfedup, which is the best vit c ? I take selenium,magnesium Citrate,B12 ( jarrows )1,000 ,B6 Zinc plus omega fish oil...Its so nice not to feel like a walking zombi

    hugs sue xx

  • So sorry memory is not up to speck yet ,do you think that will improve too.what i mean is although i have been on ntds for 2-3 years with no improvements can this new thiroyd tablet start healing all the damage from over the past years

    hugs sue xx

  • If you have been on NDT for that length of time something is not right and we need to find out what before you try a different NDT

  • I was on armour for a good while then all of a sudden i went hypo ,I could'nt take more than 90 as i had AF when i was hyper ,very often in hospital with it .Endo wondered if it was a bad batch

    sue xx

  • My husband has been on Armour for 8 yrs and he has had no batch problems etc

  • unless its because (A) need ferritin &folate testing (B) low cortisol ,have had 3 test and all come back low but no treatment (had acth tests

  • I don't really think it matters

    I just buy Vit C from Superdrug as they often have it on a 3 for 2

  • Right ,thanks how much per day should i take

    thanks sue xx

  • At least 2000mg

  • Dear,

    So happy to hear that good news! I hope that you continue to feel this good forever:) I am ruminating whether at some time I should try Thiroyd, so it is good to hear stories like yours.

    Ms. Klagh

  • Thanks for your nice comments,its great to have more energy and a clear head ,just hope it lasts ,maybe this is the NTd for me .try it yourself if you are still suffering

    hugs sue xx

  • Well Klagh ,i am so happy i decided to change ,maybe its the NTD for me ,i am definately feeling so much better.Because i was feeling so ill my thyroid problem was on my mind all the time ,now its not in my thoughts anymore.thanks for your kind reply hope it does the same for you if you decide to take it yourself.

    hugs sue xx

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