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Booked in to see a herbalist (fingers crossed it helps)

After going over and over same things in my head since I got diagnosed I've come to the conclusion that my body has been battered over the last three years. In these three years I have had 3 pregnancies, 3 healthy full term babies and natural births. I am however no super mum and I do get stressed and I argue alot with my partner. I have gained 4 stone through first baby which has now shot up to 5 stone thanks to my lazy thyroid. My body must be so stressed its no wonder my thyroid is now underactive. However the herbalist I spoke to thinks its not forever because its only just come on within weeks of giving birth and she thinks that with natural medication alongside the levothyroxine that I could eventually be medication free. I'm willing to give it a go! She also mentioned something about adrenal function? Anybody tried a herbalist?

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My daughter is on levothyroxine but is also being seen by a really terrific medical herbalist who works from Botanica in Rusthall (nr Tunbridge Wells). She has been able to explain many things that the doctor hasn't so we are currently following a two-fold path. Good luck!


To be honest she gives me hope. I know it's postpartum hypothyroism because of a swelling of my thyroid gland & high prolactin hormone (still producing breast milk despite bottle feeding) . My gp said she thinks its permanent and although I appreciate her honesty I don't like the negativity. Prior to this my health was very good but I am very stressed and there's only so much the human body can take. The herbalist also thinks its something to do with my adrenal system. Apparently high stress can exhaust them and in return your thyroid also suffers. My tsh levels were extreme though (100) so I know that I'm on a long long journey. Good luck to your daughter xx


I've been treated by a medical herbalist in London for two and a half years now and he's helped me a huge amount - he helped me stop hydrocortisone, improve my very low immune system and gain energy. He treats the entire system, has based my ill health on EBV followed by a stomach bug which wasn't treated at the time, he thinks I probably didn't need thyroid hormones, but understands why they helped as my endocrine system was badly compromised, but because I've taken them for so long I'm having difficulty stopping them. You will probably do better than I have as you haven't taken them for long. I think all herbalists are concerned about adrenal problems because they understand their importance to health, and they can treat them well. Does the one you're going to see prepare and dispense the herbs herself? Mine does and it's been so interesting to watch him and go through the lists of herbs he's using and what they do. It isn't a quick cure by any means but my slow and steady improvement has given me hope so I really wish you luck too!


I've heard great things about herbalists. I am a little scared to come of the levothyroxine though as my thyroid function results were very poor but the herbalist is happy to work along side the gp (don't think gp's are keen though lol) I believe in the power of nature though and I do think that 3 pregnancies so close together must have robbed me of any goodness in me. Pills and doctors can't replace vitamins and minerals. Sounds a bit odd but I'm also going to buy a yoga DVD and do it at night when kids are in bed. Yoga is supposed to be really good for thyroid function x


I think you will gain great benefit from the herbalist. You will need patience as the aim will be to rebalance your whole system. As Framboise has said...if you engage with the herbalist and understand why each of the herbs is being used I am sure that will help you too. The only drawback :-) will probably be your gp not understanding the path you have chosen.....but as make progress you will know the benefits.

Good luck.



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