Sore Fingers!!

Wow those BH finger prick tests are nasty. I previously had a private nurse take my blood for BH and i posted my results at the time as being over medicated and i was feeling really quite ill. I am off to the GP next week and after reducing my meds i want to see what my bloods are like before i see him as although better i'm still not right. I did want to use a cheaper method, however, i don't think i will be using that particular method again though!

On a more cheerful note my NDT has arrived from the us today and i can't fault the service.

Can i also thank Trixie64, Glynisrose, NatChap, Clutter and FibroLinda for all their help in sourcing NDT.

Once i've visited the GP and got my levels better i hope to start taking said NDT.

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  • Yep, sore finger for about 3 days after, the price of being able to do it in your home.

  • So good to know! I've been humming and ahhing over it for a few weeks and more and more convinced the extra 30 odd pounds might be worth it...

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Aarrgh, have just ordered one! But it's the matter of not having to travel into town (or try to organise a phlebotomist nearby) which is appealing. The person who does it at my gp's surgery is very very good but often when I go elsewhere it is a painful procedure where I get poked and prodded an awful lot before they can get enough blood. I had hoped I might feel better about having control over it all myself.

    Don't want to step on your post Cleo2467 but can you tell me - or anyone else who has done the fingerprick - did you take any measures to get blood flowing before doing it?

  • Make sure you're hydrated and that your hand is warm - putting it in hot water for a few minutes can help.

    I'm a bit of a bleeder, LOL, so usually don't need to resort to such measures!

  • Yes, my plan was 1) hot shower 2) lots of water and 3) star jumps. :-)

    For real, these are things the lovely phlebotomist told me about and they changed my life. I now have little trouble having blood taken unless the person is a noob.

  • You are supposed to have warm hands which my seem to be most of the time anyway.

  • Yes, warm hands, hydration and doing a little exercise seem to all be important. I think for me the hydration thing is key. If I drink a bottle/large glass of water (or two) before having blood taken it makes a huge difference. I will try all those things when I do my fingerprick.

  • When you push the 'plunger' lol, hold it there for a few seconds before taking off. As Jazz said make sure you are warm and well hydrated. Walk up and down a few steps a few times or some such to get the heart pumping. I admit the initial stab hurts but didn't find it too bad later sore finger wise 🙂

  • Glad someone is reporting success without distress. Many thanks. :-)

  • Had no problem other than getting the blood out.

  • Was that meant to be funny or is it just me? :-) :-) :-)

  • no,needed two fingers.

  • It struck me funny. It's like that joke where the punchline is 'Only when I laugh.'

    But stabbing not just one but two fingers is no laughing matter.

  • I always remember Hancock's " That' s a whole armful" in The Blood Donor

  • Lol. :-)

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