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More blood test results - ready to see the endocrinologist is why these were done!


I'm sorry I haven't got the ranges, as haven't got a print out yet, I will get one on Tuesday and update the post.

But these are the results I have been given over the phone - ALL NORMAL, no action needed.

Ferritin 65.5

Folate 21.9

Vitamin D 58 Nmol

Does anyone think theres any improvements to be made if I'm hypothyroid and still getting symptoms but on prescribed Levothyroxine?

I am due to see the endocrinologist in January 2016 surely these blood test results will be out of date by then?

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Ferritin's not awful - over 70 is best but you're not far off - a bit of vitamin c supplementation might be enough to get you to absorb a little more.

Your Vit D is ok, but again, there's room for improvement as optimal is 70-80.

I think you might just be simply undermedicated with your FT3 being 3.8 (hard to be absolutely sure without ranges but it seems very likely).

What dose of thyroid replacement are you on - are you on Levo only at the moment?


Thanks Jazz

I got the FT3 range the next time I went to the doctors, and with a reading of:

3.8 (the range was 2.60-5.70)

I am now on 125 mcg of Levothyroxine and just started with a low dose 12.5mcg of T3 self medicating.

Do I still need to supplement with a bit of Vit C and Vit D to up my levels or hope that they might improve with the extra T3 now being taken?


That's good about the raise in thyroid hormone dose. :) Hopefully that will soon start to help.

It never hurts to take more vitamin c - you can't really overdo it. And with winter on its way (assuming you're in the UK) Vit D supplementation would be a good idea unless you're planning a sunny holiday imminently, as it'll start to drop now we're angling away from the sun. Many say 3000iu a day of Vit D is a good maintenance dose. Most chemists and H&B stock this now, if not, Amazon should have what you're after.


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