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Thinking of trying T3 only - any suggestions

2.5 years after a TT I am still not 'right'. I have been taking a T4/T3 combined 100/20 tablet.

My latest results show

TSH 0.028 (0.35 - 4.94)

T4L 8.80 (7 - 14.8)

T3L 2.70 (1.71 - 3.71)

Very tired and weight not going anywhere. When I first saw this I thought I would have to reduce my dose but not so sure now. I am wondering if I should give T3 only a try - but have no idea where to find it - any good recomendations would be appreciated. I will not be able to get it on prescription so I expect it will be by internet

Would love to hear from someone

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Looks to me like there is room for a dosage increase..... half again of what you are taking now! You need those frees to be towards the top end of the range.

Xx g


France1, your FT3 is less than half way through range so you could do with a little more T3 added to your current dose. 6.25mcg-12.5mcg T3 (quarter-half tablet) should make an appreciable improvement. I find T4+T3 is a smoother ride than T3 only. If it doesn't work you can try T3 only. The equivalent of 100/20 T4+T3 is 53.33mcg T3.


As already stated, your T3 is too low as is your T4, so obviously there isn't sufficient T4 to convert to T3 even though there is some in the tablet.

New research shows that we feel better with a T3/T4 combination ratio of 1 to 3, therefore if you don't feel an improvement if you increase your combined dose now, I would add T3 as well and after about 3 month if you don't feel a benefit, I would switch to T3 only which I take and am well. Obviously it is trial and error and some people don't like T3 only, whereas it calmed my whole system down and relieved all symptoms.


I would suggest you try NDT instead

people who have had a TT tend to do far better on NDT than any combo of T4 T3


RFU, some thyroidectomised patients are fine on Levothyroxine and T3 combination.


Either way Clutter it needs a doctor who cares to find out why and what will help

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TSH is very low but fT4 and fT3 are also very low. There is something going on. Have you considered that for whatever reason you are not absorbing? Your pituitary is saying 'all fine, ma'am' but it's not fine.

Have you considered being tested for coeliac? Is your digestion okay? I know people who were having 4 or 5 bowel movements per day for decades and only found out that they have coeliac because finally someone listened. Alternatively gluten intolerance (not coeliac) can cause bowels to slow down.

100 mcg Thyroxine and 20 mcg Liothyronine really ought to show up with better blood test results than what you have.


Hi T4 is often low if taking T3. You could put up the FT3 by taking a little T3 as well as the combo.



Thanks everybody - as always this is never simple. I am going to start by increasing the combined dose. Then after a few months if things do not feel any better then I will look to add the T3.

My digestion goes through periods of being a real problem - so I am going to look at that also. Determined to start next year feeling better than this.

Thank you

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OK - so now I have seen the GP - he says to reduce the dose to 3/4 tablet. So my increase idea is now dead in the water. He also says to stop all gluten for 6 months and see if my absorbtion improves.

Hey ho!


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