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Hashimotos since I was 17

I wasn't diagnosed until 10 years ago, but now my hair has fallen out on the crown and my scalp is all dry and hard. My GP says it is hormone related. I am turning 60 and have had the menopause since I was 42. I am on levothryroine, and I might as well throw it in bin. My GP just keeps upping the dose, so going to take the bull by the horns and suggests this hair loss, anxiety/depression/panic attacks, is all my thyroid.

I live in Belfast Northern Ireland, like the back of no mans land...

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Welcome to the forum, Wednesday12.

I'm afraid an awful lot of thyroid patients are living in a backwater when it comes to thyroid treatment.

If you can post recent thyroid results with ranges (figures in brackets after results) members will advise whether your are optimally dosed on Levothyroxine.

Hairloss is a huge problem for a lot of thyroid patients but isn't always solely due to thyroid levels. Low ferritin (stored iron) can cause hairloss. Hypothyroid patients are often low/defcient in ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate, so ask your GP to test as low levels/deficiency can mimic hypothyroid symptoms.

You may find it helpful to read through some of the posts on hairloss in this link



hypothyroid trashes all the minerals and vitamins in the body

unless these are restored its impossible for the body to utilise levotthyroxine T4 and convert it into the T3 that every single cell in your body needs to function





vit d3.

MUST ALL BE HALFWAY in their ranges before t4 can be converted into t3

(Do a search on forum for my post " more on ferritin and folate " and print them off for your gp)

meanwhile you need T3 liothyronine until levels are restored with iron or b12 or d3 etc

the scale on your head is a bit like cradle cap and you need to rub in olive oil leave for several hours and then wash with tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil shampoo every few days

also take evening primrose oil capsules

been there done it with my hypo husband and daughter

you may find that only NDT will resolve your symptoms but get the above tests along with

tsh , free t4 and importantly free t3 and we will know best how to help you

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When you get a new blood test for your thyroid hormone levels, leave about 24 hours between your dose of levo and the blood test, and take levo afterwards. Fast also but you can drink water (but don't overdo it). Also make the earliest appointment possible. These 3 things can help by not reducing the TSH level so that the doctor wants to reduce the dose in order to keep it 'within range'. In fact most of us feel much better when TSH is around 1 or below and some of need it suppressed.


I firmly believe in asking to be referred to an endochrinologist if you are concerned your GP doesn't know his stuff. I was late diagnosed too. Now have lovely GP but he's not an expert and after a lot of nagging I'm seeing an endo.


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