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Chronic Mild Productive cough

Some days ago i posted about my B12 levels(214pg/ml). I am sure that i was deficient since i was having these unexplained pains mostly in my chest(Now gone with supplementation). I had vitamin D deficiency which is at good levels due to supplementation.

My Thyroid levels are normal (TSH is 0.54 which is nearly normal).

No lung problems.

I have nasal allergy but no Asthma.

I have this unexplained productive cough which is always mild only. Though i stopped smoking 3 months back . Done all kinds of test but no apparent reason. This phlegm just comes below my Larynx and i have to cough it out. Some time i feel difficulty breathing too. There is no color just white.

Before i start immunotherapy i have to rule out if there is anything causing this cough except Allergy.(Like thyroid or Larynx)

Can B12 deficiency cause productive cough? I know it can cause nerve damage in Larynx but then cough should not be productive. Has anyone experienced this kind of Mystery.

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Arvindkrao, I suspect the cough may be your lungs expelling toxins from when you smoked. I never had a smoker's cough but had a filthy cough for almost 3 months after stopping and an irritating ticklish cough for another 2-3 months.

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Yeah, Its not actually cough. Its just something comes up to my throat and i have to cough it out. No wheezing and all. 3 months already over for me. I am glad that i quit smoking.


Arvindkrao, it's damned hard but worthwhile the pain. You are over the worst now but still expelling the toxins. Will probably ease off in a few more weeks.


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