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To all my brill friends

I want to update you all about how things have went. I'm heading into hospital on Tuesday to have the tumour removed. I've seen the specialist and he is hoping it is benign but I may wait until the op to assess if it is anything more serious and if it has connected to any other organs. I know it is growing outside my bowel so hopefully this is a good sign. I want to thank you all for your kindness and please keep me in your prayers. I will post as soon as I'm able to let you all know how things have gone. Thanks Mauds

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Maud so sorry to hear that you are going through this. Good luck on Tuesday -you are in my thoughts.....fingers crossed your consultant is right. Big hugs.... Xxx


Mauds, I have been wondering how you are doing. You'll be in my thoughts lovely. I hope it's benign and hasn't attached anywhere else. Best wishes xx


Fingers crossed for you.

I wish you well!


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Thank you all so much


don't think luck mauds --- think positive --- you are in many peoples thoughts and prayers ..... you will have my positive thoughts with you on Tuesday .....look forward to you next posts ......alan xxx


Mauds, I'm now adding my prayer. Hope you'll get good news after the operation.

Good luck on Tuesday!


Good luck Maud's. Wishing you well and speedy results. The wait is sometimes harder than the op itself! 😊


Hello Mauds,

So glad you posted - I've been wondering how you are doing. Will be praying for you on

Tues., and from today as you get ready for the op.

Big hug ... Val


Thanks for your kind wishes. I'm home from hospital tumour was removed by keyhole surgery. I will get results week on Thursday. Fingers crossed it will all turn out ok..

Thankfully it was not connected to any organs when they went in it was not even connected to bowel so I'm hoping this is a good sign.


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