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I feel our stories need to be heard would any of you honor me with your stories for my book?

i am writing a book about lupus and a big part of the book is peoples stories about their lives with lupu. I feel it is so very important for people to hear our stories fro people with lupus around the world. So I am asking you all to please trust and honor me with your stories or any one else you know that might be interested. Please email me your stories and if you do not want your real name in the book that is fine to. If any of you know how I can get more stories I would appreciate your ideas. Thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you.

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Hi Karrie

I have pinned this for you for a while. Will you be selling the book in aid of Lupus UK?




Thank you so very much. Yes the money from the book will go to families in need with lupus all over the world UK included and the other part will go to help find a cure


How do I email you?


If I were you, I would send the poster a Private Message and ask for their email address.

It is a bad idea to post email addresses here and the poster is quite probably aware of that.


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Thank you Rod I am new to the health unlocked group and how it works so I appreciate any and all help and suggestions

Reply and Thank you for trusting me with your story


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