Why ??

I swear this illness will be death of me has taken me over 24 hours to get bloody warm I'm now sat here and my skin is on fire. I have no clue if this is normal and my body trying to get rid of the toxins in my body caused by the levo that has now been replaced with Liothyronine. I don't know what is bloody worse. Damn this illness feel like giving in sat here in bloody tears. My body is probably thinking what the hell is going on with it'd self. I won't give up but I'm bloody bitter the docs did not pick up this Prob in 2011 Arghhhh . Sorry guys sound so ungrateful. Love and respect to everyone else too. Xoxox

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  • Oh Razzar, you are at the right place to rant. Because WE know what patients have been put through. It is unconscionable what the medical system is doing to people but we have to figure out a few things. Are you going to go with straight T3 or keeping some T4?

    I have to say that your body is doing exactly what it has to as it deals with what it has been given. I don't know if you have see the videos by Dr. Bergman but one thing he impresses to all is that your body is smart and knows exactly what to do under any circumstance. It always strives to keep you alive so I don't think you will die. It also tries to heal. Your discomfort is probably due to the change in hormones. But this is good reason for you to inform yourself about your condition and I hope you have been learning as much as you can since there are people who know much more than your doctors even care to know and they are trying to educate us.

  • Endo said that t4 I been taking has basically been sitting there doing nothing. For now he wants to keep me just on T3 for now. He mentioned something about mydexma is that how u spell it I was in shock that a specialist even believed me. As I been told buy various members or administrator like clutter it's going to take a while for.my body to clear the levo from my body. I have watched all his videos and would lI've to try all the things he said but my body is so sick right now it can't think straight . I'm nearly at 48 hrs with no sleep again with the oppersite Prob to last night. My hands and feet are on fire . Please tell me this will get better xx

  • Razzar1977,

    The fact we have all been posting at night tells you there are others going through turmoil too.

    It is difficult but you must believe it will get better. Hormones are a nightmare as everyone has a different make up and no one medication or dosage fits all.

    You have had a rough ride but we are all here to support you as many of us have been to hell and back (some several times) but as Heloise says....the body will survive and will come back fitting fit.

    So chin up, have patience (I know easily said) but most important......BELIEVE you will get better soon ........and moan as much as you need to... That is what the forum is about.

    ((Hugs)) to you,


  • Ty flower means alot just will take some getting used to I'm just tired . 48 hrs I'm hoping my body will give into sleep soon. Just extreme hot and cold hand feet they hurt like hell just hope it goes soon x just me feeling sorry for.myself lol x

  • You have a right too Razzar.

    Take extra special care of your poorly self.


  • Ty lol I'm not sure this man is in right place telling me spells and witchcraft are going to heal me with a email address. I'm open to new things but that takes it to whole new level. Guess he is entitled to his opinion lol. Ty flower x

  • I hope you are sleeping right now, Razzar. I've been trying to find out what stops the T4 and where does it stop. Dr. Bergman does not like thyroxine or synthetic T4 at all, says it is not a hormone. If anything, it's a prohormone. I think most of it is processed in the liver. It is supposed to become either free or reverse t3. You need an enzyme to do this. So, I wonder if you have a liver problem. I've read your past note about the gall bladder. Gall stones can still accumulate in the liver even without a gall bladder I've been told.

    I've read and read here but it's hard to understand. But look at the headings and you'll see that some are very relevant and you can get some understanding. nahypothyroidism.org/deiodi...

  • Jameswallner,

    Thank you for your concerns but I don't think Razzar requires any spells........just a time for hormones to rebalance.


  • Or private msgs ty I had enough for 1 night lol. Ty for ur concern as flower said but think I will stick to my good old hormones. Sorry don't want to offend. I'm sure it that is what u believe in that's all well and good and I'm really happy for you. Good night or morning which ever lol !

  • Look I respect ur beliefs I really do. My mum claimed to be a white pagen witch and tried to tell me my future...She said I would give birth to a baby boy

    Which I didn't. ..She also told me I would be dead before I am 40. Not the sort of thing I needed to hear. Cut her out of my life. I'm really happy for you really I am but I'm to ill to think straight or actually wether I'm hullucinating or dreaming . Maybe is the lack of sleep .I'm sure people can see ur post and ur email and msg u if intreasted. Good day

  • Are u really in boxing me is this a joke. I must be lacking sleep has this now turned into some strange dating site omg !!

  • Please bother some one else I'm not being rude there are plenty of forums for u to choose from !!

  • Please flower lol tell me I'm dreaming this ??

  • Actually I think I have the answer I. Must have taken to main pain pills !

  • And now being followed great should I be worried ??

  • Razarr, the guy's a spellcaster spammer/scammer. He's joined today and following 82 people. He won't be posting on TUK anymore but he can still send PMs. Just delete it if he PMs you. He'll be toast when HU wake up.

    I've deleted all of his posts on this thread.

  • Ty very much x

  • I know exactly how you feel! I feel the same today, I am

    Fighting RA as well due to undertreated thyroid, things seemed to be settling with my thyroid, been on high dose T3 down to low dose but feeling seriously hypo again this last week, think my dose has gone too low, freezing again, severe constipation, tiredness and yesterday severe muscle cramps kicked in just to add to this crap life!!!! I feel so fed up of trying to get my health sorted, cried most of the night! There is no hope of me stabilising the RA until my thyroid meds are stable! This year has been the worst of my life sometimes I just don't want to carry on but then I think of my lovely kids and have to carry on for them!! I hope we both can revover from this hell of a disease soon or at least stabilise it! Thinking of you xx

  • I'm right with you there babe it keeps throwing curve balls at me

    Was diagnosed when I was 26 after 4 miscarriages and then a year with no periods. Thankfully I got 5 kids now and they are a challenge on their own. I have had a lung cancer scare and also polyps removed from my bowels. To be told I had early stage chrons. Fibromyalga 2 mental health disorders...which I have stopped treating until they can control my levels balloon from slim 72kg to 123 kg in just over a year. Had about enough and really had enough . Really trying to stay positive as I know everyone here is in same boat. ..but would just so love to catch a break just for 1 day. Sorry ur suffering this disease is unestimated really is and these doctors need educating. We have to fight together. Hope u get some rest soon beauty x

  • We have a lot in common, I was diagnosed with Crohns, IBS, CFS, Fibro, Depression, amongst other things throughout my life which looking back were all due to an undertreated thyroid, I have always used natural methods to recover from these diseases butthis time has tested my body to the very limit! I know I will get there in the end but some days it's just hard to see through all the pain!! I also have 5 kids and 2 beautiful granddaughters with another on the way! It certainly makes getting well worth fighting for as sometimes, I just want to hide under the duvet (if I had the strength to lift it over me of course) and just let myself waste away!! But when the pain dies down I feel much better, the pain never goes, haven't had a day without pain since January, but sometimes it's more bearable than others! I wish this community could all meet up some time for really good chat but I realise we all live so far appart! Keep slogging on xxx

  • I'm constantly on pain med bloody codeine opiate addiction caused by the constant untreated pain some one helped me last week and been opiate free for 24 hrs obvs with this certain help. It's not the crap the pharmacy companies shove in our body and poision us . Can't believe u are 2nd person since my posts with literally mirror image life. X

  • I am so sorry you are going through this. I was over-medicated on levothyroxine and have thought I would die. I have had many days where I wanted to put myself out of my misery. I'm in disbelief that a hormone can make you feel like you want to die. I hope you can feel well soon.

  • Thank you Mary it's frustrating just want to feel a bit normal that's all I ask just can't catch a break. It's nice to speak to people who are going through same thing x

  • Yes I have felt the same! Then feel ashamed for thinking such a thing! I've always been such a lover of life so to think I want to die was so not me however I felt it! Hope you are getting better xx

  • Ty hun sorry only just seen this lol wish there was a way to bump these posts up so I don't miss any . You are not alone I have constantly thought it is better than living like this and I think not enough research has been put into this disease and the other disease it causes. My inbox is always open . This illness keep kicking me down and I try to keep getting up just scared 1 day I won't get up again x we all need to fight together. X

  • I know the feeling of just wanting one day without symptoms. It just consumes your life. Are you able to get some sleep medicine? It has kept me sane and gives you some much needed rest. I really have compassion for you and hope your body will soon heal itself.

  • Yes I have zopiclone been on it years but body is built up a tolerance now so need more than 1. Prob is I have mental health probs bi polar and BPD which I'm not medicating at mo as the weight gain off the drugs is terrible. My thyroid has done enough . So it makes me prone to substance misuse. Understand I would never mess or abuse thyroid medications ever. The med's make things seem a bit easier and take my pain away even if it's short lived. People with mental health have huge stigma attached to us which is wrong. People don't bother asking how we got to this stage. I'm very open about my issues as I have been faced with these prejudices all my life. Docs think ur just after med's to get high. I choose to get my med's weekly so I can't do these things x

  • My brother was bi polar, so I know what you're going through. Here in America they drug you to death when mentally ill. He literally passed away from being over-medicated.

  • Yeah my uncle lived in the states medicated with lithiumeased his insides up died a horrible death caused him cancer.

  • Well. I have no prejudice with those suffering with mental illness. You are dealing with a lot and I hope you can get this under control soon. I'll send some positive thoughts out for you.

  • Ty Mary sorry wasn't being rude I know there is no prejudice here. It's a horrible heredity disease. Sorry about ur brother must be rough x

  • I didn't mean to imply that you thought I was prejudice, I was just letting you know that not everyone feels that way. It's a hard road to travel and I know it.

  • Oh I know that Mary lol I didn't want u to think I was being funny lol sometimes I come across as very confronting and in people's in face. Must be the Londoner in me xx

  • I have felt like I was burning up when I had too much Levothyroxine.

    I also felt very uncomfortable on Liothyronine, like my skin was constantly prickling...

    My dosage requirements seem to fluctuate but it's pretty difficult getting a doctor to believe me. Never realised how vulnerable this condition can make you.

    I hope you can find some relief soon.

  • Ty I'm only treated with T3 at mo as my situation got dire. So hoping it get better and ty.

  • Someone mentioned to me to take some coconut oil in some coffee and cream apparently can help heat issues hope this helps x

  • I had severe symptoms from 1998 though I had a mental disorder my mother even suggested shock treatment my weight went from 9 stone to 13 stone dr didn't pick up Hashi till 2007 by then id had 7 operations trying to find out what was wrong with me which inc a hysterectomy when a simply blood test would have discovered the problem, my mother was at the same dr practise she had hashi but I was told over and over that it wasn't hereditary so they refused to do the antibody test until a registrar insisted then after 5 years it was obvious I didn't suit t4 still looking for an answer would like to try t3 only after over 3 years trying armour we are all in the same boat dealing with incompetent dr and an antiquated system that doesn't research or understand how to treat this disease on top of that we don't always look ill so forget sympathy from friends and family not that I would have but it has crossed my mind several times that id be better off dead o and the investigations and operations were all private so its not just NHS that are useless. Hashi has ruined my life so far and continues to do so just waiting for the anti bodies to destroy more organs cos that's what it does......... that's my rant for the day good luck you will need it x

  • Sure will had it since 26 now 39. That's what it feels like every thing is grinding to a halt. I had countless of ops think in total about 7 now 1 major 1 rest explority. They made me think it was in my head. Some places nhs is great others is dire like here good for kids etc . My mum went private got great treatment but guess there's draw backs with that too. I don't feel I will ever get any quality of life back maybe I will. Only time will tell. Ur entitled to have a rant xx

  • Hi Razzar1977, I just want to add my sympathies for what you are going through. I logged on to browse just now, crying and freezing cold and fed up. It helps to know that there are others out there still fighting and hoping to find a way through this. I'm planning to start T3 in the next few days (self medicating...) so am really interested to see that you seem to have an endo who will prescribe it. And you said you are a Londoner. Do you have an endo in London who will prescribe T3? If so PLEASE send me a message when you feel able as I have been desperate to find an endo in London who isn't 100% focused on T4 and TSH. Hope it works for you. Try to have a look at Paul Robinson book about T3 if you can. Best wishes. Evo

  • I am a Londoner babe living in Wales was not expecting him to even consider it the dosing is a pain as it has to be exact. But my mum had hypo and she only on levo at moment. She has private health care as she owns her own business in Camden and I know she does research alot she likes to keep up to speed with my problems. I will see if I can ring her as she is in best place. Do u mean private yeah?? Or in general either way will look into it for u. Stay sting babe I'm still hoping I know there is no miracle cure but I am trying to stay positive but it is so bloody hard. I'm now freezing again this been going on 3 days I tried everything and disheartening x I'm here if u ever need to chat xx

  • Razzar,

    See if you can get onto Armour thyroid. Levothyroxine is a bad drug and, in my humble opinion, will be pulled from the market soon. You are probably T3 depleted, I was in exactly the same position. I felt that I didn't have many more days to live and I went round doctors' offices desperately until I found one who would prescribe me Armour - and I now feel normal. I think it was disgusting and insulting that I was made to feel like a drug addict just because that stinking Levo didn't work for me.

  • I been taken off levo now babe the endo put me straight onto T3 as I had mydexma and my body was not absorbing the T4 for past 4 years. X

  • That's probably OK temporarily but T3-only leads to other problems if you stay on it too long. Google T3-only therapy, I can't go into it at the moment. If I get time I will research it and post my results.

  • Ok cool I doubt he will keep me on it for good but think he felt I was in a desperate situation. I have no idea what will happen when I see him in 8 weeks x

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