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Leg pain?

For around 10 months now I've had a deep ache in my left leg in my shin, and sometimes my thigh which I definitely notice at night! I have hashimotos and wondered if it could be related ?

I'm also freaking out about bone cancer now as it seems I have the symptoms of the ache and the worse at night. I mentioned it to my doctor and he just kind of shrugged it off to be nothing!?

Has anyone else had any similar experiences with leg pain with a thyroid problem? It scares me because it is just in one leg! However I also get bad joint pain in my hands and my left arm feels like it doesn't want to work and aches a lot.

Could it be cancer in my leg or just my thyroid?

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Have you recently had your Vitamin D level tested? If so, what was your score?

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I don't think I've even had a test for this. :/


Also wouldn't the pain be in both legs and not just one?


Hi Emily, please take a look at my previous post re Vitamin D, and print off the enc pdf statement that is signed by 40 or so medics/scientists. Have it in your pocket, just in case your doctor is dismissive of your request for a Vitamin D blood test. Afterwards, get the printout of the lab result and associated reference range, and post them here.

Pain can be caused &/or exacerbated by any number things. However, a low Vitamin D level will definitely be the bearer of ill - cause/exacerbate pain, weaken immune system, expose you to infections, impact your bones, cause/exacerbate chronic fatigue, impact your thyroid/endocrine function, impact your brain and mood, etc...

I'd also consider taking magnesium every night.

If your doctor's going to give you a free prescription for Vitamin D, request it in liquid form or capsule - rather than tablets.


Hi Emily

Shin pain is classic low Vitamin D - it's a secosteroid, low levels of vital minerals are common with Thyroid trouble.

I also had crunchy fingers/carpal tunnel etc. I was having physio for my neck when I bought myself a test and found I was low despite a sunny holiday in Egypt

- NHS lab tests here, finger prick self test - if GP won't do it for you...

Just been reading how it affects calcium & can cause twitches, apart from the usual osteoporosis, rickets and even helping autism... of course Sunshine has been demonised the last 3-4 decades - but we are born solar powered! and don't need sunblock, just a hat & a tee shirt maybe after 20 mins- advice was based on Australian guidelines! In the UK we cannot absorb any Vit D from Sun - Oct to April.

Here's a search for posts - just on this forum (not in date order)

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Just like to advise that the Aussie advice is Slip, Slap, Slop. Slip on a t shirt, slap on the sunscreen, slop on a hat. I have Aussie family so have heard this for many years.

So as not to compromise your skin, if your vitamin D is low, check score first, use Better You Dlux oral spray 3000 and where you can get 10 to 20 minutes of unprotected sunshine per day when you can, depending on time of year and sun strength. For example mid summer 10 minutes at 8am is fine but also keep up the spray but adjust the dose. 20 minutes or a little more per day is fine during the winter.


If only we had as much Sun as the Aussies!

I use the Boost spray too, easy & minty! :)

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ive had pain for months in just one leg my vitamin D level was great thrn my endo tested for lupus! i was positive having more tests done now! he said that could be the cause of my leg pain? hope you find some help soon and find a new doctor that listens to you good luck


I had really deep leg pain, worse at night; it stopped when I'd been on Levo for a few weeks after diagnosis so think it must have been thyroid related.


I had very similar pains, far worse in left leg. I was diagnosed with low Vit D and being hypothyroid and started treatment for both at the same time. It went away after a few weeks and is only there now after a long walk. I'm not able to say whether it was the lack of Vit D or the hypothyroidism but it responded to the treatment. Good luck.


many are deficient if magnesium, vit d3, b12, etc.....many time it is a combination of those and under treated thyroid....when I was undertreated....I had carpal, leg pain, foot pain,fatigued, felt like a 90 yr old lady....I was on t4 only meds......I will say that when I started taking

pure encapsulations thyroid support and I also added

Now brand maca 6:1 twice daily....

.in a week I had energy again and was shocked.....bought off amazon......maca has many minerals etc in it and is suppose to balance the hormones naturally without adding hormones hence it is from a natural...

I was amazed myself but I was desperate and really didn't think much of it... until I was energized...I don't know which one is doing more for me....bec they do different things....but both are good for thyroid....

also good Is turmeric with pepper in it to help with for the best one....great for pain and inflammation and also natural...

make sure your free t3 on your test is in the top one third , or you will have pain and means you are not converting...

just some suggestions to think about.....


Hi, I have had leg pain this last few months only the right leg, very painfull shin and the side of my foot, gp not bothered gave me some cream to rub on.... Didn't work!! Also swollen ankle my vit d was border line told me to get some over the counter tablets, he upped my Levo and said give it a month if no change will refer me.

It does drive me mad😞.


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