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Study - Understanding Thoughts about Chronic Illness

Study - Understanding Thoughts about Chronic Illness

Sabine Topf is carrying out a study as part of her PhD in psychology, at the University College London. The study is called "Understanding Thoughts about Chronic Illnesses" and aims to find out more about how you think about your illness along with your experience of health related topics.

You need to have been diagnosed with a chronic illness, have been prescribed daily medication for this illness and be over 18 to participate.

If you complete the study, you will have the chance to win one of four £25 gift vouchers (for example from Boots, M&S, Amazon, Etsy etc) after you have completed Session 1.

At the end of Session 2 you will receive a £3.75 Amazon voucher to say thank you for your time.

Participation in the study requires you to take part in two separate sessions where you will need to complete tasks on a computer and fill in some questionnaires. You can do this from your own computer at home. All information about you will be kept strictly confidential.

The results of the study will be published as part of Sabine’s PhD thesis and also in academic publications and at conferences.

For more information about the study and to take part, please go to:

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Done. Hope some good comes of it.


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