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Taking Iodine and Selenium Supplements for weight loss (TSH = 3.30)

Hi there!

Would taking iodine supplements help me to lose weight (coupled with 200mg selenium supplements)? My TSH level is 3.30 and i'd really like to get that down to help me lose weight. My TPO level was 5 (0-35 was the normal range) so i dont think i have autoimmune hypothyroidism. I'm finding it impossible to lose weight and keep on gaining it (perhaps linked to my high TSH level)

Thank you for your help

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Rachel, improving your thyroid function may stop weight gain and enable you to exercise to lose weight but iodine and selenium aren't weight loss aids per se.

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TSH is a pituitary hormone and is useless in determining hypothyroidism.

Doctor's go by only that because they are so behind times. Go by Ft3 and Ft4.

And have RT3 tested at the same time. Demand it.


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