Symptoms returned?

I have been on 100mcg of Levo for a couple of years now. I suffered terribly from constipation, depression and hair thinning but this eventually died down to the point that I didn't feel 100% but was more or less OK.

I joined Slimming World in April and though it's taken me ages I have lost a stone which I am really pleased about. I was just starting to get my mojo back when I noticed some symptoms returning (constipation, depression, aches and pains etc. )

I am wondering if it could be due to eating quite a lot of quark? I'm not brilliant with lactose so take lactase tablets but obviously this doesn't affect casein, which I understand can be detrimental. (I think I probably have answered my own question!!)

I would really welcome any thoughts or advice. I have cut the quark out but need to get back to "normal" asap. I have felt very tearful today and am so worried in case my depression is returning :-(

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  • Infomaniac, first thing I'd want is a thyroid test to check I wasn't undermedicated.

  • Oh no....! I am long overdue a check but up until now I have been OK so haven't wanted to rock the boat. I thought with losing weight I might eventually swing to being overmedicated but never considered being undermedicated. How does that happen?

  • Infomaniac, thyroid levels aren't static, it's not uncommon for them to become worse. Increased exercise and dieting can reduce thyroid function :o So can pregnancy and perimenopause, illness and winter. The possibilities are almost endless :(

  • Damned if you do and damned if you don't!! There was me thinking I would eventually need to reduce my levo when I'm a skinny minnie (aged 90 in a nursing home the time it'll take me). I'll see how I go and if nothing improves I will go to docs. They keep writing on my repeat prescription "annual check overdue" but I just ignore it...naughty!

  • Infomaniac, the annual check will determine undermedication as well as overmedication. Weight loss/gain don't affect dose required. Weight may be used post-thyroidectomy or RAI to estimate initial dose, after that thyroid levels are used for adjustments.

  • Oh that's a shame . I thought I'd read that your original dose depended on your weight so was looking forward to lowering it. Maybe I should go for a check up then. It's such a chore though, having to tell people stuff when really they should be telling me!

  • Infomaniac, they have been trying to get you to have a blood test. What can they tell you when you won't do one?

  • I hear what you're saying Clutter but I just hate having my thyroid checked. They won't test T3 and I normally have to resort to you good people for help as I invariably am told everything is normal whether it is or not. I have been OK until very recently so there didn't seem much point.

  • Infomaniac, doctors will tell you results are normal or abnormal. The forum will tell you whether they are optimal. Most labs don't test FT3 unless TSH is <0.03 whether or not GP or endo has ordered it.

  • OK thanks for your help.

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