Hypothyroid symptoms

Having gone from graves disease to underactive thyroid over last 8 years I don't ever feel like I am free of symptoms even though my thyroid has been within normal range for last 12 weeks.I am on block and replace which is 5mg carbimazole and 20mg levothyroxine I have gone through palpitations jitters shortness of breath lack of energy then a few days of being busy and full of beans with a general feeling of well being but its short lived and soon goes back to lack of energy and walking somewhere makes me feel as if my legs are like ton weights and I get a feeling of being a bit out of breath and tingly fingers.My GP said it cannot be thyroid because its in normal range and said its anxiety but I am sure it related to thyroid.How long can you carry on having symptoms after bloods are within normal range?my last one was TSH 4.8 the one 6 weeks before was 7.2 Normal range for my lab is 0.35-6.9

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  • Bev1958, Is 20mcg Levothyroxine right?

    Your TSH is too high and means you are hypothyroid. Have you tried stopping Carbimazole to see whether you have remission? If you have to continue on 5mg Carbimazole your Levothyroxine dose needs to be higher.

  • I do apoligise,it is 50mcg levothyroxine.

  • Bev, you need to discuss stopping Carbimazole or increasing Levothyroxine dose with your GP or endo. Most people need TSH around 1.0 to feel comfortable.

  • Thankyou.Is it normal to have the symptoms even if bloods are within normal range?Can it take longer for symptoms to go as origionaly diagnosed with graves disease some time ago and since December it went underactive and I was put on block and replace but it was 14 weeks before bloods were within normal range but symptoms seem to be lingering.mixed symptoms of hyperthyroid and hypothyroid.

  • Bev, It's your high TSH which is making you feel hypothyroid. You are either on too much Carbimazole or not enough Levothyroxine. TSH around 1.0 is comfortable for most people. Has your GP referred you back to endocrinology?

  • I am wait ing for an appointment for radioactive iodine treatment. My GP was going to stop the carbimazole 6 weeks ago but didn't because of my symptoms he said wait 6 weeks and have bloods done which I have done and I see my GP Thursday.

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