Morning sickness?

Hi any ideas on why I feel so lousy in the mornings, normally up by 7.00 start to feel bad by 8.00, proper dysfunctional by 10, this continues till 1.00 gradually improves till by 3.00 I feel like a human being again. taking levo 150 at night before bed, would I be better swopping to the morning or could it be something else???????

Trying hard to keep smiling.

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  • Adrenals? Have you thought about doing a saliva test?

    G xx

  • Hi I had a cortisol test done that was fine, are they the same?

  • Was it a test which measured your cortisol level at 4 different times of the day? Or was it a random test taken just the once?

  • No just a one off blood test. So a saliva test would be the way?

  • A one off blood test confirms you have cortisone, but doesnT refect how your adrenals are coping through the day...... When i had mine done several years ago, it showed i was fine first thing in the morning with plenty of cortisone, but then by 11 am my levels had plummeted to night time levels so i was sleepy all day....

    G x

  • Thanks for info will get a saliva test done it's the only way to know for sure.

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