worse in the morning

Hi guys , new to this so please be patient with me , on levothyroxine ,between 75 -150 mg for many years , just wondered why it is i always feel worse in the morning ,headache , muscle pain ,Really bad fatigue ,but come lunchtime start to improve ,had blood test last week, waiting for results ,will update you when i get them, also going to ask for print out of results which i wasn't even aware i could get till i came on this site this week , so many thanks for that info .

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Have you tried taking it before bed instead of in the morning?

funny you should say that just started doing this ,3 days ago so fingers crossed , many thanks for your reply

Could be the start of adrenal fatigue. Have you had your cortisol tested?

Thank you for replying ,no i havnt had cortisol tested, waiting for Endo Appointment to come through, could this be done through GP ? many thanks ,grateful for any advice

You can only get a morning serum test done on the NHS, which isn't very reliable and only tells you one quarter of the story.

The best test is the 24 hour saliva cortisol test, but you would have to do that privately, I'm afraid.

Still, get the serum test, if you can, and if that is very low, you know there's a real problem and it's worth investigating further.

Ok ,thank you ,very grateful ,learnt more on here in 24 hours ,than years of talking to GP ,you are soooo informative ,bless you

just nice to know people care and understand ,i think im going mad some days , And get the feeling my GP thinks im making this all up , and symptoms are in my head Grrrrr

Doctors just have no idea about hypo symptoms. They don't learn them in med school. And, I sometimes think, they don't really believe hypothyroidism exists!

Greygoose your a star!!,can see your going to be very useful to me haha!!

You're welcome. lol

Hi Greygoose my friend! just had blood test results back, got a print out , of which is very complicated to me , :)) but then it dosnt take alot hehe, GP only requested Free T4 20pmol/L [ 12-24]

TSH 0.24 miu/L [0.25-4 , Receptionist said no further Action needed , So having slightly under TSH what can that indicate ? if anything, feeling bit better after taking meds at night instead of morning ,but still got the brain fog and still waking with headaches and fatigue ,but not so bad , still waiting to hear from Endo , hope your good your end ,

There's absolutely no significance to the slightly under-range TSH. Once you're on thyroid hormone replacement, it's only relevant if it goes high.

The FT4 looks good, but you have no way of knowing if your FT3 is high enough. It could be that you're not converting, and therefore it is too low.

Ok ,many thanks,will keep taking 125 Levo at night and hope to improve ,guess il be waiting months before i get Endo appointment but been taking levo for 8 years now so guess a few more weeks waiting wont matter :(( ,but least my work is understanding,and been signed off for couple of weeks ,so no pressure there , thanks again ,for taking the time to reply .

Well, whenever you do see him, ask him to test your FT3. Or, do private labs...

morning greygoose ! plz could you give me some feedback on my latest results

F T3 3.3 [3.1-6.8]

TSH 0.48 [025-4]

FT4 19 [12-22]

VITB12 477 150.99999

FOLATE 9.0 4.6 -18.7

FERRITIN 105 30-400



IgG 12.5 5-14

IgA 1.19 0.5-4

IgM1.08 0.5-2

Calcium 2.45 2.2-2.6

Adjusted Calcium 2.33 2.2-2.6

phosphate 1.14 0.8-1.5

vit D comment v D assay not indicated normal serum calcium im still symptomatic ,feel rubbish ,been off work 6 weeks now ,im thinking i could have ME/ CF and as endo has said my bloods are normal and discharged me back to GP ,any advice would be good ,hope your ok many thanks

Well, you're not converting, are you. You have a decent level of T4, but you T3 is rock bottom, so no wonder you don't feel well.

ME/CFS are just syndromes, not disease. They are a bunch of symptoms, and symptoms have to be caused by something. And, looking at your FT3, no prizes for guessing what's causing the symptoms.

Your B12 could be higher, too, but I don't think it's low enough to be causing the bad conversion. And your iron appears good. Just a pity they didn't do your CRP.

Strange as it may seem, endos do not understand the importance of T3, and its position in the range. Most people need it up the top of the range to feel well. You certainly need it higher. Ideally they would lower your T4, and add in some T3. But, it's obvious, in todays climate, you're not going to get T3 prescribed, so would it be possible for you to buy your own? It's the only way I can see that you're going to get well.

thank you sooo much for replying ,yes i think i need to buy some ,where do i get it from? on the site or speak to GP next week , ? i was so fed up when Endo said its not a hormone problem in his letter his actual words , its certainly not hormonal so discharging you back to GP :((( WHats a CRP ? is it

C- REACTIVE PROTEIN? if so its 1 [0-5]

your very informative hahaha! where on earth did you learn all this ? on the site ?

Oh, goodness! Difficult to say where I learnt what! I've been on many, many forums, and this is the best, I have to say. But, I've also read books, and articles, and lecture over the past 16 years. And, I had a doctor who liked informed patients that he could actually discuss things with, so he taught me a lot. :)

You can try asking your doctor for T3, but I doubt you'll get anywhere. Just write another post on here, and ask people to PM you their tried and tested sources for T3.

Yes, CRP is C- REACTIVE PROTEIN. The reason I asked is because if that is high - which yours isn't - it will mean you have inflammation somewhere, so that will skew your ferritin level. But, you don't, so your ferritin is as good as it looks! :)

Well iv just decided your going to be my first port of call from now on hehe!! will ask GP but not holding my breath on that one ! and will defo ask people to PM me also ,thank you again for your help ,i thought i was going mad ,or it was all in my head ,and imagining everything ,iv also had this constant head cold type sinus thing for 6 months!! which wont go away ,bet its all connected some how Grrrrrr!!! promise i wont stalk you hahaha! im giving you a big gold star for all your help ! lol

You're welcome. And I'm sure it's all connected, too!

As greygoose said, it could be adrenal issues but worth a try taking it at night. It worked for me, I felt a massive improvement.

Will do ,thank you once again ,can see why you guys are on here ,very helpful

Hopefully your GP is also checking levels of vitamin d, b12, folate and ferratin. These all need to at good (not just average) levels for thyroid hormones (our own or replacement ones) to work in our cells.

Vitamin and minerals levels are very important, but standard NHS thinking, doesn't at the moment seem to recognise this.

You will see, time and time again on here lots of information and advice about importance of good levels of B12, folate, ferritin and vitamin D, leaky gut and gluten connection to autoimmune Hashimoto's too.

Pain in mornings, might be low vitamin D / Vit B

See this article


Low Vit D associated with autoimmune diseases



I found taking Levo at night much more affective too (was suggested by my endo)


Thank you soooo much ,your all very kind on here ,will defo look into this ,will update you after blood tests come back ,:)))

Good luck!

Hi lovely people , So just got letter from Endo ,RE; blood tests on Sept 27th ,



T3 3.3 [3.1 6.8 ]

Calcium level normal 2.33

inflammatory markers all in normal range ,as well as VIT B12 and FOLATE , Again no REF Range given ! Im sooo fed up thought they would show something , Im still fatigued although not quite as bad ,still wake up with headaches and aches and heaviness ,really annoyed as the letter said normal references ,and certainly no hormonal cause has been identified for the cause of your tiredness,so discharging you back to GP GRRRRR!! iv requested a print out of all tests done ,am i right in thinking ,T3 is a bit on low side , ?? in fairness at least he requested it i suppose , but again they are not paying attention to the symptoms ,

Thanks for listening ,any advice would be appreciated !:(( thats my sad face lol

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