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Thyroid help (Graves)

Hi, I have had an over active thyroid (graves diseas for 3 years now

at first I lost loads of weight and was give carbmanzole and that worked for a while and now doesn't work as well every time

I have had blood results I have all the symptoms except the eye condition but I have started Puting weight on but still highly over active and get all the palpitations and feel so weak

my docter has set an app to get radio Iodine but after reading all these comments I'm not sure what to think is best.

Can someone help. Please who has had the surgery or radio Idodine. Thanks,

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Hi Amber

I'm sorry you haven't had a reply yet - I edited your post a bit so that hopefully someone with experience of Graves can see it and reply.

(I don't have Graves but had surgery for a dodgy nodule and am now hypothyroid) J :D

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Thank you, I don't always understand the sjort terms haha, hypo is underactive? X


Hi Bantam, I had RAI almost 2 years ago. I was so glad I had it & didn't experience any unpleasant after effects. It was discovered I was hypo approximately 3 months after RAI, I have been on Levothyroxine since then & have regular checkups with Endo & GP.


Hi Ambereena,

I too am overactive with Graves. This is the 2nd time I'm on meds. I was first diagnosed with it in April 2013. Came off PTU (carbimazole gave me side effects) last August and was diagnosed again in June this year. I too have weight gain (since coming off meds within 3 months I had put on 20+ llbs. Struggle to lose anything. Am also on beta blockers to stop shakes. Still suffering badly with sweats.

I am seeing a new Endo next week with my Doc telling me to look into RAI too as this maybe my next stage.

I am really confused as to if I want to do this as I have heard good and bad. My concern is being Overactive with Underactive symptons of weight gain, What size will I be being underactive.

We seem to be in the same boat and it is not an easy decision and a horrible thing for all of us to go through. I have had trouble with doc and endo trying to understand that I have underactive symptons. Yet I have spoken to a few people that I know suffer the same. So its not just me and you.




Hey, thanks it sounds we have the exact same I'm the same I don't want to sound vain but I don't want to end up over weight my docter said sometime when your so over active you can gain weight. It's like they just tell you what you want to hear huh? I don't know if I should get the RAI I am so put off with how much of a toxic is in your body. X


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