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A new doc(again)

Been to see another Doc.again.This lady is young and up to date also is into holistic medicines. Took all my results from 2011 to the last one in Aug. She said ," You have been under medicated, the lip swelling could be from something else We will try to sort it out. I don't think the Levo will be doing that. You could be gluten intolerant.

Cancelled my appointment with Endo.I had already put my levo up to 75 and am feeling a lot better.She is happy with result.said I could go a bit higher if I wanted. Will leave it has it is for now. Feel as though I am going to get somewhere after 5 years.

I had been to Chemist to ask if they knew where I could get Armour in Aus.She gave me a name of a chemist who makes it up for and a list of Doctors this one was the nearest.12 kilometre away.

Got to go for result of my holter monitoring next week and later on an appointment with her.

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Well done finding a helpful doctor.

I find that potato makes the inside of my mouth swell. Could your swelling be an intolerance - maybe to the fillers in your levo? Can you try another brand?


Can't try another brand,there are only 2 and they are made in the same factory, different packing,one is $2 dearer. Tried that.


What great news Margjean.

I am pleased you have found a good understanding sympathetic doctor and hope you start to feel improvements soon.

I didn't know doctors could prescibe Armour. Are you outside the UK?


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I don't know how it works yet.I think she tells the chemist and he makes it up for you. Don't think it is a prescription.Dont know if I will need it yet. I live in Australia.


Ahh, lucky you.

We have massive difficulties having NDT prescribed in the UK. It is just about possible if extremely lucky and usually after many years of fight, prescibed on a " named patient basis".



I believe it is expensive though.


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