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Skin complaint

When I first joined here I posted up a concern about a random spot issue in a delicate area that just would not go away. :(

I have recently been really getting into the benefits of bath salts with essential oils - namely Himalayan pink salt for it's detox and mineral properties, and in an attempt to save money decided to make my own bath products with the intention of distributing as Christmas presents, I decided to also have a go at candle making to include a nice little votive candle in my home made gift packs, although that was not as easy as I had thought it would be to make!

Anyway going off track a little bit since the salts haven't done anything to help with the skin complaint...

At the weekend my partner and myself had a slight mishap and I looked up on making a little lotion for our injuries - hoping to just be able to use some of the stuff I had accumulated for my experimental bath products and candles.

My salve was tweaked slightly because I was missing some ingredients from the interweb recipe and I researched a little bit about the eczema and made sure to use oils that would be OK on that (due to it also being on his busted knee)

So not really thinking it would do too much but because I ended up with rather a lot of salve, I decided to give it a go on my spots at the same time as my shoulder injury and also plastered it all over his eczema!

And after two days use my spots finally look like they are healing - they look better than they have ever looked since they turned up!

Although I will caveat that it is still early days as only day two and the spots have not gone away yet (just less bumpy and red) even my partners ezcema looked less inflamed so I am feeling rather hopeful and a tad pleased with myself!

Will update on if it actually did work and how long it took to clear up if it did work :)

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Day three:

And for the first time in years there are less spots!

Some have actually healed up now.

Still got a way to go to get rid of the rest but is more promising than anything else I've tried for sure. :)

Plus the partner eczema is still responding well to it too.

Should have taken before and after photos! Lol


Great news Megan,

Amazing what home remedies can achieve.

May be posting the ingredients would be helpful for members wishing to try this remedy themselves.

I'm pleased you have success. I take it you meant photos of your partners knee and not your spots in a delicate area!!! Lol.



Lol yes of course being a delicate area is mostly why photo's weren't considered - that and my natural pessimistic expectation it wouldn't work.

Recipe was simple although I think next time I would use less beeswax to get a softer cream but this was what I did:

1 cup grapeseed oil

1/3 cup beeswax

10 drops of each essential oils:

Framkinsense, myhrr, lavender, peppermint, rosemary, geranium, eucalyptus, tea tree oil.

The essential oils and beeswax all have known anti inflammatory properties which is why the redness calmed down, and most of these also are indicated to be good on skin complaints, tea tree and lavender being the key ones.

You don't need to use grapeseed oil, there are tons of different oils you can use from coconut to jojoba, but for me it was what I already had in my cupboard.

Some reciepes also call for shea butter which also has good properties for the skin - but I left that out because I didn't have any and doesn't seem to have done any harm.

I had peppermint and eucalyptus frankincense etc in because I was actually attempting to make a muscle pain reliever blend but good thing with essential oils is that they are multi use!

combine the oil and wax (using a double boiler is best to melt the wax in boiling water as then the wax can't get too hot) once all the wax is completely melted and mixed in with the oil take it off the heat and allow to cool, allow it to cool enough so it doesn't vapourise the essential oils when you add, but is still a liquid so they can be blended into the mixture, then pour into your jars and allow a good few hours to completely cool and set before you use.

This batch made about three small jam jars of balm, I'm applying three times a day but we're only using once a day on the eczema and it's still showing improvement.

Cost next to nothing to make since I already had everything. Will need more wax before I attempt another blend but even that's cheap to get on Amazon.


Thank you.



Thanks RFC . I have emailed them maybe 2 or 3 times regarding the notification " bell " on the green bar. I am unable to read my notifications even though there has been a red number against it . Does that make sense ? I have had a reply saying the engineers are aware and working on the problem.

Dont know if anyone else has had this problem , maybe just me ha ha :-) xxx


I've had this problem, and I've found a work-around. When I click on the notifications bell the web page that I want to see is displayed in the address bar of my browser - this address :

but the system won't actually GO there. It changes the web address but otherwise stays exactly where it already is.

I've found that clicking on the address bar at the end of the web page address, and then clicking Enter or Return, the system will change page and will show me my notifications.

I've had the same issue on other pages on HU occasionally. The web page I want will be displayed but the actual GO doesn't take place. So I use the same trick for all pages that are affected like that.


Thank you so much ! This has been driving me flippin' nuts ha ha :-D

Ive tried it and it works , thanks again ! :-) xxx

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You're welcome. :)


I have found that frankincense essential oil is quite expensive but a little goes a long way. Be careful with grape seed oil in that it stains. For massage I use sweet almond oil as a carrier oil but olive oil is fine. The greatest dilution you should use is 3%; recommended 2%, when applied to the skin. I recommend a patch test before applying essential oils for those who do not usually use them. Apply to the inside of the elbow/arm - never to the neck or behind ears. Wait 24-48 hours to see if there is any reaction.

It is really easy to make ones own creams, I don't buy them now but mix my own as I'm qualified in aromatherapy. However, be aware that some essential oils can cause adverse reactions and are contraindicated in some medical conditions and pregnancy. Always look up the individual properties and warnings. They are chemical compounds and are absorbed through the skin.

EU regulations mean that home-made cosmetics, such as hand creams and soaps cannot be sold without first being tested by a chemist.

Good luck with your cream.


Oh I have no intention of selling them and I know that anything like that needs a license, as i checked when i was looking to make for gifts - you are allowed to make for personal use and give as presents to friends and family without needing a licence and my sole intention is only to give bath salts and bombs as gifts.

The cream was really an experiment as I've done so much research on the essential oils in preparation for my gifts that i got interested in their theraputic benefits and aways intended just for my personal use.

I just was itching (pardon the pun) to tell someone of my discovery and result as I don't really discuss this with friends nd family and my partners ear only can take so much!


Right well it's been a month now trying my new cream and while I am pleased to say the spotty are looks the best it has in years, the spots have reduced and are less red and look like they are in the healing stage, they are no longer white raised spits they're in the flat healing look.

I am a bit disappointed that after a month they are still there and that the salve is taking a really long time to clean them up so I have attempted to modify the salve and made a new one with just shea butter and essential oils.

Feels nice and has rapidly cleared up a spot outbreak on my face but sadly this persistent breast acne is still fighting to stay around. :(

However it's really working on the bf's eacemea which is a plus.


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