Has anyone suffered from Angioedema?

I am trying to figure out if this is something that I might have. I have redness and sometimes swelling around one or both of my eyes and also at times redness and swelling sometimes with blister like bumps on my upper lip. I will be making an appointment with an allergist but was just wondering if anyone on the forum has experienced anything like this and what they have done to get relief.

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  • healthunlocked.com/search/s...

    Lots of earlier discussions regarding statins in the above link :-)

  • I'm confused as I do not take statins.

  • Sorry it was a link intended for someone else - many apologies ! :-)

  • No problem just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.

  • I don't know for sure but someone on another forum mentioned histamine intolerance and angioedema is a symptom of that. I am currently suffering with virtually all of HI symptoms so am going to ask my doctor to get tested for that

  • Thanks for the feedback

  • Hi sorry to say this to you but this happened to me with my eyes. I saw several health care professionals over the course of a year and a half all saying I was having a allergic reaction. Turns out that after a year and a half of eye problems they finally decided that I had been suffering with thyroid eye disease. Thyroid eye disease does not just present it self as protruding eyes. There are many variations of this disease, in mild cases it can be just saw red eyes with swelling on both lids. This disease is active for two years and just burns out after that point. I hope you don't have this disease but to be honest to you it sounds like it. I'm almost healed now, I took no extra medicine on my healing path. I went the natural way to healing buy becoming almost a fully raw vegan and the use of Chinese medicine. I'll never look back its changed my life. Even if you don't have thyroid eye disease or your doctors believe you don't, they will say you have a skin problem. If this is the case this is your bodies cry for help either way, being thyroid eye disease or skin problem. You need to change your lifestyle drastically, embrace it .

  • MaryAnne, I hope it isn't thyroid eye disease either but I sure wish I knew what this was and get it fixed! I have started changing things in order to try and get better but the redness around the eyes are still ongoing. Only a couple of times have I had the 'allergic' reaction which swells the face from top of eyes downward and then my lips swell and have blister like bumps all over them. Very unsettling as in the past have never seemed to be allergic to anything.

  • Ibuprofen can help with the swelling and inflammation in the meantime. 2 is normal otc use, but prescription strength is 600mg and 800mg. Ice helps too. Avoid everything you are allergic to, as that can be a trigger. Use benadryl.

    Good luck!

  • Oh I do have my bottle of benadryl handy all the time anymore! Thanks.

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