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Has anyone suffered Pins & Needles in their face


Have Hypothyroidism and on 125mg of Levothyroxine. I have been suffering with P&N in my face since before Christmas but it has been getting steadily worse since last week. My thyroid had been out of whack during Sept/Oct/Nov as I had stopped taking the 25mg dose as the particular brand dispensed was interfering with my cycle and am trying to conceive (sorry TMI). Back on full dose since end of Nov.

Have also sore throat for last 2 weeks which I frequently suffered before being diagnosed in April 2010 but rarely suffer now unless I have a bad cold/flu.

Has anyone else suffered from P&N in face? And were they given a cause/have it sorted? Am used to having it my hands and occasionally have "spasm" in my eye but not full face.

Many thanks.

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Hi, I did before I was diagnosed, it was one of the main reasons I kept going back to the doctors. I'd have pins and needles around my cheekbones and jaw line and often my vision would go strange, almost like I had force fields in front of my eyes. The doctor said it was migraine aura but I didn't have a headache. The pins and needles would sometimes travel down my arms to my elbows. When I eventually started taking thyroxine the p&n and vision problems stopped but interestingly everytime that I'm in need of a dose increase the p&n come back. The GP said that its not connected......

Hope you feel better soon.


Immediately after I had my thryoid removed I had this and indeed the surgeon kept coming to see if I had it - they were watching for an inability to absorb calcium and so once they saw I had the p & Ns they put me on additional calcium and kept me in hospital until they started to see the calcium levels in my blood improve. It is not good to have a shortage of calcium so it may be a good idea to get some more advice. The doctors here were very jumpy about p & ns as to them it was a clear sign of a problem. I am supposed to watch out for this in the future and eat more cheese as a matter of course. (I think this is how the French aim to support their economy). Hope this helps.



I did, and as summer said my face improved with each increase in meds but then would come back again some weeks down the line. I did have more dentures made to "open my bite" that helped but I still think it is Hypo related. My GP and Endo disagreed.....


Hi - I had pins and needles in the top of my head (rather than face) and also in hands and feet. The doctor was puzzled but again it has gone away with more thyroid hormones. It creeps back if I need an increase. Xx


Yes. It was one of the major symptoms I went to the doctors with before diagnosis. I had them in my arms, legs, head and tongue too. Thought the blood tests would come back for MS (having never heard of 'underactive thyroid').

I still get pins and needles now and again and I've been on levo for 18 months. But not so much since my dose went up to 150mcgs. I'm now back down to 125mcgs and seem to be OK.

I definitely think it's linked to being very hypo...


I definately have had this too (also pins and needles, tingling elsewhere) but mine was over my top lip, the bit between my mouth and nose. I also strongly feel its thyroid related


I have had pins and needles in all sorts of places you would not imagine including my eyballs! This is decreasing as I increase my dose and I am sure thyroid related as never had it before my thyroidectomy. Interestingly I also suffer with calcium problems but am on replacement and my levels are fairly steady now so feel its more hypo related.


Thanks everyone. Will phone GP tomorrow for an appointment. Never knew that a lack of calcium could induce these symptoms. I honestly believe that GPs have little knowledge and/or interest in hyper/hypo-thyroidism but the only time I have seen an endocrinologist was when I was pregnant two years ago.

Summer01 I have the same thing with my eyes at moment. Didn't occur to me that it could be connected - thought it was a sudden allergy to my mascara!


Hi Mocodoci

I have Hashis and last year I had 3 of my parathyroids removed. My only symptom was a high calcium level. I had a parathyroid test which came back normal but I was still reffered for surgery. Three parathyroids were enlarged and so removed in surgery, After surgery my consultant advised me that if I had pins and needles in my face this was a sign the remaining parathyroid wasnt working properly.Now Im not an expert but having Parathyroid and calcium test maybe an option. :)


The GP thinks it may be chronic tension-type headache, but has agreed to check my calcium and B12 levels (appointment made). I was advised to take paracetamol and to keep a diary for the next two weeks charting my pain. It was actually nice to be listened to seriously for once.


I've got pins and needles right now, mostly around my eyes (and have had it for a few days) but I can get it pretty much anywhere on my face, especially my chin and around my mouth. Interesting about it possibly signifying a need for a dosage raise.

Regarding aura migraine, I think it is possible to get the visual disturbance without a bad headache. I get one (rarely but usually if I have low blood sugar) that starts as a spot in the centre of my vision, then turns to a gradually expanding ring before finally (within about 30-60 minutes) disappearing beyond my peripheral vision. It's presumably a brain thing as it's the same in both eyes. It's like jagged, spiky, zig-zag rainbow colours (think cut glass) – actually quite pretty although it scared the hell out of me the first time it happened!


I know you have left your reply here 3 years ago..but in case u do come back here..i would like to know how are you getting on...what you are describing is very like what my mom is experiencing...


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