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low bp, low pulse, low respiration, hot flushes still happening . Anyone know anything about how the two things relate? levo increase ?

Another post about BP etc. i am still having hot flushes (accompanied by rapid respiration, feeling a bit like there is something affecting me which isn't quite woozy as in falling over but very off) which i used to put down to Menapause which I am pretty much through now I beleive. I am now wondering whether they are to do with thyroid issues which I started having treatment for around about when I hit peri-menapause. Since starting this post I have had another episode of feeling off with no hot flush and now another with hot flush. Could this be due to the increase in my levo about 6 weeks ago? I have also been feeling a little more like doing things but have also been a little agitated? pressure of speech? TSH last test was 3.46 or thereabouts and levo is now 125mcg. New TSH next week and GP a week later.

Anyone any views?

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It could be something in the filler/binders of your hormones. Sometime we can be affected by them. If you've been taking the same make of levo for a while, maybe try another make and see how you feel on this. Maybe wait until after your next blood test. It should be as early as possible, fasting (you can drink water) and take hormones afterwards. You should leave a gap about 24 hours between hormones and blood test.

Your previous TSH is on the high side and the GP should be aiming for a TSH of 1 or below, whichever makes you feel better.


Hi Shaws

thanks for the info. I guess I was beginning to wonder whether the levo dose was too high for me now, maybe getting a little toxic or perhaps it is just my brain waking up again after quite a while of being below par. I should crack on and get the Adrenals saliva test done to make sure the new dose of levo isn't suppressing them. I think the GP I am now seeing is more on the ball than my previous chap ( who was on holiday so the new one is taking charge :-)) but I will remember that the aim is to get to a TSH of 1. thank you.


The main aim is that we feel well and some of us need below 1 or suppressed to enable that to happen. It is a big learning curve but once you reach a level where you feel good it is an achievement.

If you email if you'd like a copy of the Pulse Online article by Dr Toft and read question 6. He also mentions that some of us might feel better with some T3 added and some GPs do so -of course others wont.

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Thanks :-)


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