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Will operating my thyroid improves my hearing

Hello every, kindly advise. Have been advised to operate my thyroid so it doesn't get bigger, I actually thought I developed thyroid disorder 1year ago, but from my pictures it seems it been 2008. Am suffering from partial hearing, if I operate it, will my hearing be restored? And what are the clauses that comes with it. Would I be on drugs for life? Would I be able to have my own kids?

Please advise me on what to do

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Hi Zeeluv. If you have been advised to have your thyroid operated on by a reputable doctor then it makes sense to go ahead. I don't know what choice you have but it's good to try and make sure the surgeon is a thyroid surgery specialist. With your high antibody levels it's quite possible your thyroid output will fluctuate. Perhaps high for a time and then low. Eventually it will produce very little hormone.

You will have to be on thyroid medication for the rest of your life, probably levothyroxine. Levothyroxine has many different brand names. It is not a drug, it is a replacement for the thyroid hormone your thyroid produces. You should take your levothyroxine and have it monitored by a doctor. I would advise you obtain the levothyroxine from a reputable phamacist as a lot of medication is fake or of poor quality.

Thyroid disorders can reduce fertility (I assume you are a lady) but usually everything is fine if your thyroid hormone is kept within normal levels. As soon as you become pregnant, your levothyroxine should be increased by 25 or 50 mcg so that it pushes your TSH below 2.5. If you are trying for a baby it's a good idea for your doctor to keep your TSH below 2.5 as this might increase the chances.

The thyroid operation itself should have no physical effect on your hearing. What I'm saying is there is no physical link between the thyroid and the ear.

However, in some cases of hypothyroidism hearing is impaired. This is because our inner ears have very tiny hairs that help us pick up sounds. In hypothroidism these hairs can fail to grow, but when the patient is correctly treated the hairs regrow and the hearing is restored. With this kind of hearing loss the patient usually has trouble picking out a conversation in a busy room rather than not being able to hear at all. You should discuss your hearing problem with your doctor. If the hearing loss is due to hypothyroidism you hearing will reocover when your hypothyroidism is sorted. If your hearing doesn't recover then it is due to some other cause.

I would make a list of you questions before you visit your doctor and then you won't forget to ask them. If anything the doctor says isn't clear ask them to explain and perhaps write it down. When you are hypothyroid it is very difficult to remember what was said.



Thanks a lot, I do appreciate.


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