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Moring all,

so I saw my endo yesterday, my results were - Free T4 12 (9-21) TSH 10 (0.2 - 4.5)

The advice I have been given is to take 150mgs Levo and start beta blockers for the palpitations.

As I have already been down this road, anything over 125mgs makes me feel dreadful I am really unsure of what to do??

He says any NDT is not suitable at all for use within the uk and has no scientific basis.As I have been prescribed both propanol and anti depressant's before for what im sure is the side effects of levothyroxine I am really worried about where to turn too next.

ive been asked to do a 24 hour urine collection also?

please any advice gratefully received.


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Hi Sue,

If I were in your place I would find another doctor. The ignorance and arrogance of this doctor is just screaming at me. I used to take beta blocker when I was first diagnosed with hypothyroidism. It created another health problem. I just could not walk very far, I felt so exhausted. I stopped it. Take control of your own health. All the best.



I totally agree with you, I went to the endo thinking they would know more that my floored by the lack of knowledge and understanding.

I received the e mail address from the admin on here re alternative Endo care in Edinburgh so ill do that today.

thanks for reply



Sue, I wasn't able to tolerate Levothyroxine on its own but I'm fine on T4+T3. The T3 improved my FT3 to normal levels, it was previously below range, but the best thing is it calmed the adverse effects that T4 was causing.

Most NHS endos can prescribe T3, other than those in a few CCGs which have banned its use. NDT isn't licensed for UK use so few NHS doctors will prescribe it and you'll either need a private prescription or to buy online and self medicate.



thanks, would you recommend seeing my GP or going back to endo or alternatively seeing a private practioner?

what is the T3 medication called??



Sue, it's called Liothyronine. GPs can prescribe it but some CCGs have said it must be recommended by an NHS endo to get it prescribed on NHS.


thanks a lot, ill look into that.x.


Your doctor does not know what he is doing

you need




Vit d3

tested urgently

50mcg is starting dose of levo but if any of above 4 are below HALFWAY in their ranges your body simply cannot even utilise levothyroxine and convert it into the T3 your body cells are screaming for

no way should you be taking beta blockers and anti depressants etc

NDT is still the very best thyroid replacement treatment and your endo is talking out the back of his head

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I was reading this y'day on why levo alone might not be enough.

Your endo isn't managing to keep up with the research, poor dear. It is now accepted that a "small number" of hypothyroid patients don't do well on levo alone. Perhaps he got into medical school long ago despite indifferent grades because Daddy was a doctor, and he has rather struggled with the science? And I imagine his inability to sympathise or empathise could well be causing problems in his domestic life too, which are always distracting. We should all sympathise with his difficulties And Visit Someone Else.


PS The linked study looks at those without thyroids, but it gives good clues as to why just levo don't hack it.


It may not apply to you but I was using caffeine increasingly to stay awake, I started getting palpitations when hit 8 cans diet coke a day (don't even like taste but not a tea/coffee drinker) so I stopped it, the palpitations stopped, I got soooo tired, back to caffeine, palpitations started again so back to being tired hey ho...

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I gave up caffeine too as I thought that was the link, but nope..just even more tired.x.x.


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