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Puffy swollen face, hands and achy legs 😞

Morning lovely peeps

After a bit of advice if I may?

Currently on 2 1/4 grains armour. But, last few days face has started to swell (esp. Around eyes) hands too - can no longer get rings off. Also possibly legs. Joints in hands are sore and stiff and last night my legs were aching so bad in bed - nothing would relieve them. Tried hot bath, massage, elevation etc.

Also since the above i have been getting headaches - which I never get? And constipation.

any help would be gratefully appreciated 😉

Nb. Recent blood results due later this week.

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Natalie286, it sounds as though you may be undermedicated. You can wait until you have your blood results before doing anything or increase your dose to 2.75 grains.


Thanks for replying clutter (you never let us down 😉) am calling docs this arvo on the off chance they have my bloods early. And def' think I should increase -

S C A R Y When it gets this bad out of the blue😒😘


Have a read up about magnesium, it definitely helps me, and our symptoms are similar.


Fab thank you - will look into now x


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