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Puffy face


Hello I got a question it just seems like my face has been looking puffier than normal my doctor said that my results are in the mid-range of my thyroid condition but today I'm going to get the numbers on what that means could the puffy face mean under treated or over treated on medication and I still have a heart palpitation once in awhile not as often as it was

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A puffy face used to be one of the first signs I needed to raise my dose back when I was on T4 only.

Theresa72 in reply to Hidden

What kind of meds are you on now

Hidden in reply to Theresa72

Thyroid-S, one of the Thai brands of NDT. Before that, I was on Armour and Erfa. I have not been on synthetic T4 since November 2011.

Theresa72 in reply to Hidden

Just seems like my lavo has never worked for me almost as if I wasn't even on thyroid medicine puffy face yellow tint to my skin I still have numbing fingertips also every now and then was thinking of getting on something better

Have you been to see the doc about puffy face and numbing fingertips? There could be other reasons besides Levothryoxine ranging from allergies to infection. Perhaps your GP could do a blood test to rule out other factors? Could you get a full blood count and check kidney function too. Have you checked B12 levels and folate?

Theresa72 in reply to Nanaedake

I have had blood work done they said my liver was slightly elevated but it was nothing he said I went back a couple weeks later and got more blood work done awaiting the results on that he said the cholesterol and everything is fine but I think this doctor I have is old-fashioned he thinks that I don't need to be on thyroid medicine when I'm off at I'm 7.1 I was off at for 5 months he basically said your thyroid is in hibernation and when I stop taking medication it'll start working again I don't know if I trust that I don't want no hypo symptoms

When you've got your results, if you post them here then people will comment.

If your TSH is in the middle of the reference range then it is too high and you are under-medicated.

You need to ask for copies of your blood test results. including the reference ranges. You are legally entitled to them - take proof of identity.

It is also possible you could get access to your records online. Look at posts by DJR1 for more info :


Theresa72 in reply to humanbean

Have been mid range the whole time what is the perfect range or what should it be

humanbean in reply to Theresa72

To have a chance of feeling well it needs to be 1 or below for most of us (there are always exceptions). To reduce TSH you need more thyroid meds.

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