Science Finds Even More Evidence That Anxiety Isn't Just 'All In Your Head'

Thank your genetics.

One of the largest misconceptions about anxiety is that the disorder is something people "bring upon themselves," a concept that is as malignant as it is incorrect. Adding to the evidence against this isolating stereotype, a new study from the University of Wisconsin, Madison found that the brain function that underlies anxiety and depression may be inherited.


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  • Very well put.

  • adoctor, I found the link below which looks at hidden medical reasons for mental illness very interesting. I doubt there will ever be sufficient consultation time to drill down medical causes before making a psychiatric diagnosis though.

  • Clutter that is riveting information thank you.

  • Very interesting. However I found it peculiar that the course description said the cause of Hashi's is unknown, even though they mentioned an association with celiac. It is too bad that enteropathy/leaky gut is not mentioned as a condition frequently accompanying Hashi's.

  • Better do some happy reading been studying mindfulness, onward correct drugs helping. Causes not my sphere not a good doctor. Old mum, ta👍

  • Good information Clutter. I completely understand the anxiety, as this is where I am at currently while trying to left my T3. Have to wait another three weeks before I can get bloods done to see where my level is at. The sooner the better.

  • Janet, post the results when you have them. Bear in mind that if FT3 is too high for you, wherever it is in range, it can exacerbate anxiety. Top of the range isn't comfortable for everyone.

  • Will post when I have them Clutter. I always felt good at about 5.6 (3.1 - 6.8), but since generics I have never been this. At moment I am 5.1. T3 has taken away most aches and pains. Just can't get to the bottom on the skin problem.

  • Hi

    How is your anxiety now? Has it lessened.

    Is your t3 up at a good level now?

    I hope you are feeling better.

    Regards Rose

  • Hi Rose, thanks for enquiring. GP put me on other Levothyroxine and it is much better thank you.

    Hope you are well, j_bee.

  • Hi

    Have you stopped taking T3 now? Or did I misunderstand your post?

    Did you get physical symptoms with your anxiety??

    My body feels full of anxiety symptoms but I've nothing to be anxious about..... Just the symptoms

  • No 130396, I am still on T3 and the terrible feeling of dread has now gone. Unfortunately I have put on weight when I expected to lose it with T3. Still don't think I am on enough though.

    Hope ypu can find an answer to your anxiety. j_bee.

  • Hi j_bee

    So glad your feeling of dread has gone.

    Im just hoping that the addition I'd t3 will bring my levels up so that all my physical symptoms go.

    How long did it take you to get yours up and you feeling the benefits of it??

    Thanks for responding


  • My FT3 actually went down, so am trying another 6 weeks at my original dose of T4 (75 mcg) and the same dose of T3 (12.5). If that doesn't work then I will try a higher dose of T3. I am having to work on supporting my adrenals as well, so this could be the problem.

  • Oh how are you supporting your adrenals???

    Have you had them tested or are you supporting them as a precaution???

    Are you converting the t4 OK?

    I'm not a good converter and going back on levo has proved that.

    It's started going the same as before when I was on levo only.

    Before, I had over range t4 and bottom if range t3.

    Did you get any physical symptoms from your old anxiety due to your thyroid???

    Any tips on supporting adrenals???

    Have you used ashwangda?

    Thanks for your reply

  • At the moment I am taking Thorne Cortex and quite a few supplements to support my adrenals. All this has come about since change of branded Levo to generic Levo. I was converting T4 very well on Goldshield Eltroxin, but this fell when I was changed to Mercury Pharma Levothyroxine, and my adrenals suffered.I did not get physical symptoms when suffering anxiety just an awful feeling of dread. I have not used Ashwaganda or any adaptogen. Hope this helps.

  • Did you just decide to take the Thorne Cortex or did you have adrenals tested?

    Which supplements do you take then?

    Thank you

  • Had adrenals tested by Genova Diagnostics. Would not treat adrenals without having tested. Take B12, B-Complex, D3, Selenium, VitC, Zinc, Multivitamin. All various different makes. Hope this helps.

  • Hi again

    Thanks for the info.

    I had my adrenals tested last year.

    I had them done by Genova Diagnostics too via a Naturopath. She took ages getting back to me and said mostly OK but advised on supporting them with pretty much the same as you're taking, except the zinc and selenium.

    I got back in touch with her a couple if months ago to ask if she'd send me the actual results.

    Well I could see my morning one was at the top of the green panel. Lunch was optimal and evening and night were a tad above. By about 1-2 points.

    As it was so long since they'd been done they weren't really much use to me. Plus at the time of the test I was on mirrazepine (which apparently lowers morning cortisol)

    And progesterone cream in the evening( which I've been told increases level)

    I wasn't happy when I found this out after the test as the Naturopath told me it was OK to still use these as it would show what my levels were like on a daily basis.

    I have been off work sick since April and can't afford to pay for more tests.

    Im on my own and only have ssp to live on.

    That'll be ending soon too.

    Oh I also sometimes do the adrenal cocktail

  • If someone casually observed my mother and I, they would conclude that the tendency to anxiety and depression was inherited. But that would be wrong. What was inherited is the tendency for gluten to cause leaky gut and autoimmunity. She was never diagnosed; I have been.

  • Eddie, complicated innit :-D

  • In my perverse moments, I sometimes think the medical profession wants to make it look complicated. That makes them look better than they actually are. :(

  • Do you have a gluten free diet now? I have been advised to do the same any tips.? Hard with ought pasta!

  • Pippamc, have a look at this link for tips

    Supermarkets usually have gluten-free ranges and may have gluten-free pasta.

  • I've been GF since June 2003. Amazing difference, once I got the enteropathy healed and corrected the hormone problems celiac caused (esp. thyroid). Being GF isn't all that hard, but it is expensive. Restaurants frequently charge more for GF choices. If you love pasta, I've found the Tinkyada brand of rice pasta pretty good (but, like I said, expensive).

  • Thanks for the posts.both very interesting.

  • Now I have yet another reason to hate my parents!

  • Hairyfairy, the good genetic things about you came from them too :)

  • I can rack my brains for hours, but not be able to come up with one single good thing that Iv`e inherited from my parents!

  • Hopefully that will go away in time. My mother was dysphoric for so long, that I guess I resented it some, and my mom's sister (a really nice person) also found it hard to deal with. But after I figured out the cause of my illness, and that it produced the same mental issues that mom had, I just felt sorry for what mom had to go through. Any resentment I once had, is now (appropriately) directed at the immense stupidity and stubborn behavior of the medical "profession".

  • PPP is a total confusion for everyone. Very real. Outside mismanagement and.outdated over use of antipsychotics mimic flights of fancy and fear. Rooms of punishment and force feeding rubbish food. No exxageration for me , add to the nightmare going on inside the overloaded head trying to make order where chaos and in the culturally religious women's brain fear of loss. Baby is all, thus it ever was. Mary, quite contrary. A kind of acceptable psychosis, male led to this day for subjegation and profit. I like our creator, I love my religion. Post natal psychosis and recurrent episodes of bipolar- mainly productive highs, and a couple of "shocking lows". Literally treated with ect? Still don't know what that was about😂 but I know Jesus wasn't in on the physicians decision / heal thyself, wasn't it. Legally do no harm. Good fortune with that, not an ego boost. Lots to be done, must fly, still babies to bath. Watching the bath water. We are legion🌻🙉😴 some mums, we come from a long line of mums we mere humans😀

  • Thanks for helping with my exam. Anything I can say for you to be kind to me. I have an itchy ras. It is irritating. Any answers🍰

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