I have a under active thyroid, with ibs, lower back pain constant in legs and feet its like pins an needles plus I can get pain all over witch come and goes I think it fibromaylia but doctor says its chronic pain ive had a scan and its come back as mild degeneration, Can anyone help as iam on pain killers or it but still affects my work and life. Thanks

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  • If you are Hypo - do you have any blood test results with ranges that you could post. Fibromyalgia can often be linked to LOW T3.....

    What are your levels of B12 - VitD - Iron - Ferritin - Folate ? They all need to be good in their ranges. What supplements are you taking ? Do you have Hashimotos ?

  • Hi Gareth and welcome to our forum,

    Marz has given some sound advice. You can put on your profile a little of your thyroid history (if you click on Marz's name or mine you will get the gist).

    If you've had a recent blood test for your thyroid hormones, get a print-out from the surgery with the ranges. If you've not had a recent one make a new appointment and have the blood test at the earliest and leave approx 24 hours between your last dose of levo and the blood test. Take levo afterwards.

    Request the tests Marz has suggested and have them at the same time and then get a print-out of your results (we are entitled) and make sure the ranges are stated. Post them on a new question for comments.

    I guess you are undermedicated with the symptoms you are having. IBS could be due to having low stomach acid (hypothyroids usually have low acid rather than high). That's just a suggestion. Fibromyalgia can also be due to not being onsufficient hormones too.

  • I want to pay for a blood test because I cant trust the doctors no more just keep telling me chronic pain dont worry I cab say my mum has b12 but not thyroid

  • If you are hypothyroid

    what are your results ?


    Free T4

    Free T3




    Vit d3

    All are interelated

  • I dont no that ive had it for 6 years now so I have a blood test every 6 months witch came back normal,I cant sleep I have hot and cold spells to pain in my joint,I only found out I had it because I had graves in the right eye and had to see a specialist who told me I have under active thyroid witch went with all the symptoms that go with thyroid but I am having problems at work now where I cant stand for 2 hours with out being in constant pain

  • You need to learn and understand your own blood tests DO NOT RELY on doctors

    Normal means ZILCH

    get copies of your tests and we can help but theres loads of info on here and on etc

    you have to learn to be your own doctor

  • Trust me, you don't want a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. If you get that diagnosis they'll never look beyond it for the cause of any symptom you ever have from that moment onwards.

    I could lay money on you being undermedicated for your hypothyroidism and you may well be Vit B12 deficient as well, given what you describe with those pins and needles.

    Go to your doctor and get your latest results, then post them here for us to take a look at whether you're being sufficiently medicated.

  • I would but they think iam putting it on and just down want to make any trouble I all have mental health problems anxiety and depression I believe that can be part of fibro,I could and cant seem to take thinks in I aas the same at school I been told i have deilexisa to it just all adds up to fibro.

  • 150 mg thlyroxine iam on

  • Gareth, depression and mental health problems can also be caused by low levels of T3, the active form of thyroid hormone. If you're undermedicated or can't convert levothyroxine to T3, that might be the problem.

    Oh, and paranoia is another symptom of undertreated hypothyroidism. ;) Don't worry about them thinking you're a troublemaker - you are entitled to have your results.

    But if you'd really rather not, you can order your own private blood tests, some of which can be done yourself pricking your finger and catching the blood in a small vial to be sent to a lab.

    Have a look at this page here:

    I use Blue Horizon's

  • Oh, and the dyslexia?

    See this post:

  • Hello Gareth, if you have dyslexia it may be wise to improve your gut health. An overload of bad bacteria which is very common can be the cause of many conditions. I recommend Dr Natasha Campbell McBride's book Gut and Psychology which can be bought on Amazon. Also have a google at the Gaps diet which she recommends to start the healing process. There is much you can do to help yourself. Eliminating certain foods/chemicals/toxins from your diet is a good way forward, don't be put off by the elimination of certain foods as the results can be very encouraging. Gut health is of primary importance and not to be under-estimated, this could be your underlying problem and can result in many mental health conditions also. Dr McBride states this quite clearly in her book. Hope this helps.

  • Pins and needles, anxiety, depression, etc. are all neurological symptoms of B12 deficiency and need to be treated without delay, as there is a short window of opportunity before they become irreversible. If your mum is B12 deficient too, you are even more likely to be deficient. Thyroid problems and B12 def, are linked both ways and symptoms overlap.

    GPs generally don't recognise these neurological symptoms or follow the BCSH, UKNEQAS guidelines and latest BMJ research so it's important to do your own and not be fobbed off.

    (Excellent film and templates for writing)

    Latest BMJ research document and useful summary if GP won't read the whole document:

    Best wishes for a good outcome

  • Thanks for the help thats what iam gonna do go back to docs I will reply back when I no.

  • Asking for copies of your blood tests is your legal right. Be polite but firm. You may have to pay a small amount for the printing.

  • Gareth, most of us on this forum have found out the hard way that doctors don't always know best when it comes to treating people with a thyroid dysfunction. Don't be embarrassed about your other ailments as they might well all be interconnected. If you decide to get private blood tests (or if your GP will do them) post your results with the ranges for comments and advice.

    This is a support group and many of us have found a way through the maze as doctors have been trained to only take account of the TSH result but that's wrong for many of us.

    Because we have not been diagnosed properly and our clinical symptoms being ignored or getting medication for the symptom and not sufficient thyroid hormones we might never get well enough, so we have to do as you've done and joined a support group.

    First of all, if you are due a new blood test make the appointment as early as possible and don't take levo on the morning of your blood test, take it afterwards (you might have to put an alarm on to remind you). We have to leave about 24 hours gap between levo and blood test. Get a print-out of your results about 3 or 4 days later from the surgery (we are entitled) and make sure the ranges are state (the figures are in brackets. Put them on a new post for members to comment on them.

    This time, though, ask your GP for a more in depth blood test i.e. TSH, T4, T3, Free T4 and Free T3, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, iron, ferritin and folate. Just say you are trying to get some good health back. Many GP just tell us 'they're Normal'. We don't want normal we want optimum otherwise we might not feel well enough. Normal is o.k. for people who don't have a thyroid gland dysfunction.

  • Also, when you take levothyroxine in the morning it should be taken on an empty stomach with 1 glass of water and wait for about 1 hour before eating. Food can interfere with the uptake of thyroid hormones (levothyroxine).

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