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How to introduce Cytomel?

Hello all. I've been taking Erfa for a few years now. My only remaining problem is breathlessness. Some days worse then others.

I know that when Dr S put me on Erfa, the bigger plan was to see how it went, and then maybe introduce some t3.

So...I just happen to have a pot of Cytomel 5mcg.

When people start taking you stop some of the Erfa, or just take it alongside? I will never know what Dr S would've reccomended, but I am keen to see if this helps with my breathing issues.

Any advice welcome

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I will say that Erfa has had some bad reports recently and I wonder if it is the Erfa which is giving you the symptom of Breathlessness. Did you have that when you first started Erfa - or is it only recently?


Missmolly, whether or not to reduce Erfa when introducing T3 will depend on your thyroid levels. Can you post recent TSH, FT4 and FT3?


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