How soon does your Medication change after Op?

Hi everyone.

Can anyone on this site help with this question please.

I had my left thyroid gland removed 5 days ago.

Just wondered about the meds I am taking

PTU 50mg twice a day and propranol 160mg once a day.

My parter thinks I dont need to be on any medication now as I have had my op.

But I am diagnosed with graves disease???


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  • I agree with your partner

  • I am going to sort something out today that's for sure. Thanks for your reply. I hate having to take medication if its not necessary.

  • Wonder if they are leaving you on PTU in case your thyroid flares up like it can sometimes after you have RAI?

    Don't know if that can happen after a thyroidectomy.

    I've been thinking about it over the weekend and wonder if that could be the reason. Hopefully you'll find out soon anyway.

  • Waiting for phone call from my Endo's secretary today will keep you informed, thanks for your concern, very much appreciated.

  • somewhat more likely they have not given any of it a thought

    after thyroidectomy your likely to go HYPOTHYROID so tablets for life will be nessecary

  • I think Its because I went for my operation on a cancellation, so everything was all done within a couple of days.

    I am waiting for a phone call from my endo's secretary and have explained my hopefully will be sorted out sooner rather than later.

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